Sex, Lies, & Wedding Bells, by E.M. Lynley (2nd Edition)

Title: Sex, Lies, & Wedding Bells

Author: E.M. Lynley

Genre: Contemporary

Length: 240 Pages (Novel)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: 4.5 Stars

Blurb: 2nd Edition

Of all the tiny towns, in all the world, he walks into mine.

Texas native Kieran Quinn has hit the big time, working in Manhattan as a columnist for Gloss, a national literary magazine. He’s well-known for his snarky, sardonic columns, but deep down he’s more interested in exploring what makes people tick than his editor would like. He keeps his desire to find his own Mr. Right hidden under a sexy, carefree persona that favors champagne and underwear models of the male variety.

Jaxon Lang loves being the high school principal in tiny Buckwheat Springs, Texas after relocating from Austin to pursue his relationship with Danetta Archer, despite her reputation for leaving grooms at the altar. So far, he’s avoided examining the questions he has about himself, certain that marriage will put them to rest. Then Kieran arrives in town. Kieran’s charm and unique attitudes about sex and attraction soon challenge Jaxon’s concept of what—and who—he wants.While covering the latest wedding of a real-life “runaway bride," Kieran falls hard for the gorgeous—and supposedly straight—groom, Jaxon Lang, despite that ridiculous X. Then Kieran discovers the bride’s hiding a shocking secret.
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I had the pleasure of reading Sex, Lies, and Wedding Bells, by E.M. Lynley, when she first released it back in 2009. In fact, I have read it more than once, over the years. When I saw the new cover, which is drop dead gorgeous btw and learned of it being revised with new material, I was beyond excited. 

The story is about the lives of Kieran Quinn, a news columnist, who has no trouble getting any guy into his bed. The trouble is none of them want to stay, nor does he want them too. It’s starting to weigh heavily on him about not finding Mr. Right and his job is not near the fun it used to be. He’s pretty much given an ultimatum from his boss. Write a snarky, cut-throat, article about someone’s misfortunes or find a new job. And, that brings him to meet the ever handsome, sexy, smart, straight, Jaxon Lang. 

Jaxon lives in Buckwheat Springs, TX and the name alone should clue you into the small town atmosphere and mentality. Jaxon is engaged to the popular Danetta Archer, despite the fact she has left three others standing at the altar before Jaxon. Kieran smells a story with the popular “runaway bride” and wants to interview the couple, find out her secrets of how she can snag so many men yet leave them behind, and voila…he has an article that should keep his boss happy.

Meeting Jaxon, in person, turns Kieran’s world upside down. He is everything he wants in a partner. He’s funny, gorgeous, takes care of his body, super smart, and their chemistry is off the charts. Jaxon being straight and engaged is definitely an obstacle in his fantasies he can’t help but have about Mr. Lang. This assignment has taken a new turn for Kieran and he is conflicted. But, what if Jaxon has his own doubts about his sexuality? He considered the possibility years earlier but meeting Danetta pushed them to the back burner. Now, he’s not so sure. When he approaches Kieran about exploring some of his curiosity, before the wedding, will Kieran help him out or not?

If you have read the first edition you will be pleased to know that we get more from Jaxon’s perspective this time. We get a better feel of what is going on in his mind and I loved that the author gave us his thoughts. We, also, get to hear the inner musings of Kieran’s thoughts and he is hilarious. Coming from Manhattan to the backwoods of Buckwheat Springs has really opened up Kieran’s eyes. He starts to take into consideration things that he never thought of before, like hurting other people’s feelings with his snarky words and blasé attitude. But, he still wants to put out a good story and like any good reporter he smells something that doesn’t fit. He just had no idea that his digging would lead to destroying and devastating the life of the man he is falling for.

“Why didn’t you tell me this sooner? About the lies? You knew…Maybe we…”
“If I told you would you have believed me? Or would you assume I had selfish reasons for keeping you from marrying her?”
Jaxon nodded. “I can see the possibility. But you could have told me to talk to her.”
“She needed to tell you herself. There’s more to the story than what’s in the note. A lot more. I didn’t know everything when I wrote it. Then I went to see her last night, before the party.
“What could she have said to make you lie to me?”


Both Jaxon and Kieran know they have a connection. Jaxon has never been with another man and he is beyond fascinated to learn what it means. However, I would like to point out to those who despise cheating in your stories, there is NO cheating here. Yes, Jaxon is curious, more than curious, but keep in mind they aren’t married yet. Kieran is very cautious and holds Jaxon at bay because he doesn’t want to get hurt. Showing Jaxon what it means to love another man would thrill him more than anything, however, leaving him behind, with a wife, would definitely kill him. 


This is one of my favorite stories and that hasn’t changed. The author writes with a very descriptive narrative that pulls you into the story and gives you a visual of the characters and their surroundings. Even though there were very serious issues being addressed she managed to put in just enough humor to keep you laughing and not feel weighed down by the angst. And, there are some angst moments along with a little suspense to keep you on edge. At one point, I wasn’t sure how Jaxon was going to deal with the betrayal. He has been betrayed by more than one person, at least that’s how he sees it, but the author has included some very good secondary characters that help Jaxon see things in a new light. 

E.M. Lynley is a talented author that knows how to execute the story and keep it interesting and flowing seamlessly. The characters were funny and the banter between Jaxon and Kieran will guarantee a smile on your face. I feel it’s relevant to point out that even though Jaxon is/was engaged to Danetta their relationship between each other was not the focus of the story. There are no bedroom scenes of them together or any contact. The story is more about Jaxon learning who he is and Kieran helping him find that man.

As the story progresses and they get closer they do spend time together and their chemistry is just as potent if not more in the bedroom. They have no trouble scorching the sheets and I love how the author included humor as well. Jaxon is like a kid in a candy store and he wants to sample everything, and sample and sample, lol. I love really hot bedroom scenes that also include the characters laughing and having a good time.

I wouldn’t necessarily say the content is original since it does reference the movie “Runaway Bride” and has a lot of similarities but it doesn’t compare at all either if that makes sense. The author has a lot of originality in the plot and she has added her own creativity that makes this a very enjoyable story. A happy ever after will definitely be found. It is a match that will grab your heart and you will be wanting to read it again many times. 

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