Love Starved, by Kate Fierro

Kate Fierro - Love Starved FrontCover-WEBTitle: Love Starved
Author: Kate Fierro
Length: Novel (302pgs)
Publisher:Interlude Press (21st April 2015)
Heat Level:Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Heart
Blurb: Make me believe it, even if it’s just for one night…
Micah Geller considers himself lucky: At 27, he has more money than he needs, a job he loves, a debut book coming out and a brilliant career in information security before him. What he doesn’t have is a partner to share it with—a fact that’s never bothered him much.
But the romantic in him isn’t entirely dead. When a moment of weakness finds him with a contact to a high class escort specializing in fulfilling fantasies, Micah asks for only one thing: “Show me what it’s like to feel loved.”
 Love Starved, by Kate Fierro, is her debut novel and she knocked it out of the park. I only had a vague idea of what the story was about when I sat down to read. By the first chapter I was already hooked. It had that feel to it that sometimes you are lucky enough to get early in a story that says “This is going to be good.” And, was it ever.
Micah is 27 and trying to get over his last boyfriend. He’s happy just being by himself, working, and meeting his friends. His BFF, Daphne, however, can’t stand to see him without a boyfriend and she is always threatening to fix him up. He is not interested and continues to tell her but it falls on deaf ears. She remembers she has a business card for an escort in her purse that she and her husband used before. So, like the good friend she is, she gives it to Micah…just in case.
Micah has never had a relationship where he felt truly loved and cared for. He has a good relationship with his family, but it’s not the same. One evening, after a few drinks, he gets the nerve to e-mail the escort from the card Daphne gave him. The card just had the name Angel, Before he loses his nerve he sends an e-mail. Once he hits send he regrets it.. What he didn’t expect was to get a reply immediately from Angel wanting to talk.
Here’s a little bit of how their conversation went:

Micah – um, do you ever pretend you’re someone else?
Angel – All the time. Who would you like me to be?
Micah – my boyfriend – is it weird?
Angel – Not at all. Do you need a stand-in for some sort of event?
Micah – No – It’s not my friends I’d like you to convince.
Angel – Okay. Who is it then?
Micah – me
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Angel is an escort who makes your fantasies come true. Whatever you want he tries his best to deliver. Micah wants him to pretend to be his boyfriend and make him feel loved. Just for the one night. Easy, right?

When you meet Angel you will fall in love with him right away. He is gorgeous and super sweet and he tries very hard to make Micah feel loved. But, no matter who you are you aren’t really going to have those particular feelings and emotions you need to feel loved in just one date. They have great chemistry though and they connected right away. So well, in fact, that Micah decides to hire him again. And again.

As Micah and Angel spend more time together going out on pretend dates they realize they have a lot of fun with each other. Micah even hires him to go on a week-end retreat to his parents. He knows it’s a mistake to take him but he is tired of always being the one with no partner. They keep up the charade that they are dating and the whole family falls in love with Angel.

As you can imagine, Angel’s experience is pretty in depth considering what he does. Micah, on the other hand, has not experienced many things outside of a vanilla relationship. And, even during those times it was usually one-sided with him being the one giving everything and very seldom receiving anything back. So, when Angel wants to try some different things and introduce some toys, Micah is apprehensive but he lets him anyway. I know I was smiling from ear to ear and I’m pretty sure Micah was having a good time also.

But, being an escort, isn’t always fun. Angel never knows what or who he is going to face when he knocks on someone’s door. It’s not all champagne and roses and soon Micah begins to pick up on signals that everything is not well with Angel.

I’m going to stop here for fear of giving too much away of the story. My best advice is to buy this and read for yourself because it is an awesome love story. The author does an incredible job fleshing out the characters and taking her time with the build-up of their story. The plot was original and creative and the dialogue was fun and catchy. Both, Micah and Angel, were funny and quick-witted and their banter played off each other. The best part, and there are many, they get along so well together and truly enjoy each other’s company.

Throughout a big portion of the story the author gives just enough insinuation that something is wrong but you’re not really sure what. I thought I knew what was happening with Angel but I was wrong. Angel, also, covers up his own personal details with made up details to protect him in his job. As you go along with him thru each facet of his journey he will pull on your heartstrings and make you love him that much more. He is a very strong and resilient man. Any happiness that comes his way he deserves tenfold.

The author has a very nice descriptive narrative that keeps you engrossed in the story. As each new detail came to light and we learn more and more I just became that much more enthralled in their journey. Kate Fierro executed the plot perfectly keeping you fully invested and it never slowed down. Even when Micah and Angel take some steps backwards in their relationship when they realize they are getting too close, the author manages to keep it just as exciting by keeping them together as friends. I, of course, wanted them to be together but I loved how the author allowed them to remain together instead of pulling them apart while they gained their footing.

I loved this story so much. If I hadn’t read the author’s notes at the end of the book I would never believe this was her first book. Once you read this story you must go to the author’s website and see the posts she has established of Micah and Angel. She has kept their story going allowing we, the readers, to ask them questions and I thought that was awesome. The e-mail I showed above from Angel’s escort card, is a real e-mail address that you can send your questions to. Very clever. This was my first experience of enjoying the characters outside of the book. The author, IMO, gets bonus points for that.

This is an incredible love story and it does have a happy ending and it is so worth the journey getting there. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves to laugh and see true love prevail. Oh, in case you were wondering…Micah really likes those toys. As a matter of fact, he loves everything Angel does, in or out of bed. They have amazing chemistry that you do not want to miss. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Ms. Fierro will continue to write more books because she definitely has a new follower.