In The Absence of Light, by Adrienne Wilder


91voFksmr9L._SL1500_Title: In the Absence of Light
Series:  N/A
Author: Adrienne Wilder
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: Novel (415 Pages)
Publisher:Adrienne Wilder (March 25th, 2015)
Heat Level:Explicit
Heart Rating:♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts
Blurb: For years Grant Kessler has smuggled goods from one end of the world to the next. When business turns in a direction Grant isn’t willing to follow he decides to retire and by all appearances he settles down in a nowhere town called Durstrand. But his real plan is to wait a few years and let the FBI lose interest, and then move on to the distant coastal life he’s always dreamed of.
Severely autistic, Morgan cannot look people in the eye, tell left from right, and has uncontrolled tics. Yet he’s beaten every obstacle life has thrown his way. And when Grant Kessler moves into town Morgan isn’t a bit shy in letting the man know how much he wants him.
While the attraction is mutual, Grant pushes Morgan away. Like the rest of the world he can’t see past Morgan’s odd behaviors
Then Morgan shows Grant how light lets you see but it also leaves you blind. And once Grant opens his eyes, he loses his heart to the beautiful enigma of a man who changes the course of his life.

This is my first time reading a book by Adrienne Wilder and I’ve kicked myself all day for waiting so long. In The Absence of Light is, without a doubt, one of the best books I have ever read.
The story is one that envelops your whole body and keeps you completely invested from start to finish. It has so many amazing qualities that I love in the stories I read. I fell in love with the characters very quickly and only wanted to see them find their happy ever after.
The main characters, Grant and Morgan, are such a perfect fit for each other. Grant knows almost immediately when he first sees Morgan that he is more than he appears or allows anyone to see. He keeps his hair over his eyes and very seldom, almost never, looks anyone in the eye. That’s why it is so special when he looks in Grant’s eyes even though it is brief.
Grant is 36 years old and retired from his job running his own shipping company. His intentions are to move to this small town in the middle of nowhere and keep his head down for a few years. He’s really trying to stay out of the limelight of the FBI since some of his jobs were not exactly legal.
Morgan is 24 years old and severely autistic. He is the most beautiful and amazing person but his life has not been easy. He has faced insurmountable odds and beat every one of them. He had very few people who believed in him but thanks to one strong-willed lady who never gave up on him he thrived and excelled when no one thought he stood a chance.
When Grant first meets Morgan he does what probably all of us have done one time or another in our lifetime. He judges and forms opinions about Morgan because all he sees are his disabilities. Morgan has tics and his arm will fly out or hit himself on the head. Sometimes he wails with the strangest shrill that makes you think he is hurting. He has no reservations letting Grant know that he wants him. He wants him to understand him and see the world through his eyes.
Here he is telling Grant about wanting to do ballet and how he practiced till he was perfect with the moves but they denied his application.
“I was the best.” Silence reigned until Morgan sighed. “But they denied my application before they even let me show them what I could do.”
“Because they couldn’t see me.”
I hated to admit my ignorance but I didn’t have a choice. “I don’t understand.”
“The light is a funny thing, Grant. We think it shows us what we need to see but in reality it blinds us. That’s why I brought you here. I wanted you to see me.”
I know I am guilty of this myself just as Grant was. We only see the disabilities and are afraid to talk or get to know someone. What we don’t understand holds us back, however, Morgan was not going to allow Grant to not see him for who he was.
I admit, I didn’t know jack shit about ballet, but it didn’t take an expert to see he was flawless or damn well close to it.
Those people at the dance school had truly missed out. 
He switched feet, arching back over a curved leg. His eyes were closed and he wore a blissful expression. One I’d seen when he watched the light, or when I made love to him.
The most amazing thing was the lack of tics. They were just gone, leaving behind a gorgeous man who would never be normal. Not because of the autism, but because he was too extraordinary.
And Morgan is extraordinary. He is super smart, creative, and artistic to a level that would put the best to shame. He is funny with a quick wit that will keep you laughing and a smile on your face even after the giggles die down. If there is something he wants to do or learn, he does. Years earlier, he was hurt, very badly, and left for dead. His ability to trust has left him skittish, but that doesn’t deter Grant. He wants him just as much and will not stop until Morgan believes him.
There is so much to this story that I am having a hard time trying to put into words how incredible and amazing I found this book. There are secondary characters that deserve just as much credit as the main for what they bring to this story. The author has done one hell of a job in translating this story and bringing it to life.
The author takes us for a journey where we are learning the same time Grant is.
There is a level of suspense that stays palpable through almost the entire story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The threat is coming from two different sources so you are always on guard and a little fearful of what may happen. The descriptive narrative flowed so effortlessly and I found myself watching page count because I didn’t want it to end.
I don’t normally comment a whole lot on sex scenes other than to say they were really good or very hot or not the focus of the story. However, I am going to comment on the sex in this book. There was sex and quite a bit of it. I know this sounds corny but I can’t remember reading another book that the sex honest-to-god felt like poetry in motion. I was completely enthralled by their intimacy and their moments of lovemaking. Together, they were exquisite and the feelings and vibes that they had between them were incredible.
I actually caught myself holding my breath in fear of them stopping. I didn’t want them to stop because it was so real and heartfelt. I love how the author included things regardless to how small that most of the time seems glossed over. It was real and I felt like I was right there with them.
I would strongly encourage anyone and everyone to read this story. There is no way I can do it justice because there is so much detail and so many situations that happen in 400 pages. It has everything that you could want in a story and more.
As I said at the beginning, this is my first book by Ms. Wilder but it will not be my last. If the ending was anything to go by then hopefully we will be getting another book sometime in the near future. I will be there waiting to grab it when and if that happens. Go get this book, you guys, it is phenomenal in every way.
I love, love, love, this story so much. The ending was so perfect and I know this is one story that I will re-read again many times.
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