Evolution, House of Théoden, Season 2 - Book 5, by Nicholas Bella

Title: Evolution

Series: New Haven Series, Season 2, Book 5

Author: Nicholas Bella

Genre: Paranormal/Dark Erotica/Brutality

Length: 101 Pages (Novella)

Publisher: Nicholas Bella

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: 5 Hearts

Blurb: Théoden: Dante is within my grasp. I'm actually very excited to meet my future son. He's got wolf's blood flowing within his veins, so I know he'll be the stubborn sort, but I do like a challenge. As for Deacon, the wolf Alpha has surprised me. I hadn't expected him to locate Dante so quickly. He's a cunning one I'm going to have to keep my eye on. His ambition is both admirable and dangerous. As for my King's decree, things are moving along smoothly. I have two more children to sire and then I would have fulfilled my duty. The sooner I'm done with that, the quicker I can get to training my new child. I'm so looking forward to breaking him in.

Noel: As for my obligation to the King, I met his expectations. I've sired my first son and it's been one hell of an experience. I thought I would feel overwhelmed, but Romeo is taking to this life so naturally. I guess you could say that I chose wisely. I'm also getting the hang of being in control and being his Father. No doubt, Marco's training is seeing me through a lot of transition. Now, I have to hold up my part in the bargain Théoden made with Deacon. Can't say I'm happy about being used as a bargaining chip, but it's out of my hands. As for my training with Marco, he's promised to put me through the ringer physically. I'm ready to learn more and grow stronger.

Warning: This serial contains strong adult content not meant for sensitive eyes. The novelettes in this serial will be filled with dark, twisted, raunchy and steamy scenes between powerful, sexy men that will either offend you or get ya revved up. This series will not be pulling any punches, and it won’t apologize for hurting your feelings, either. You’ll find no fluff and ruffles here. The vampires are not misunderstood, hopeless romantics looking for love. The werewolves are not cute and cuddly and the dragons aren’t the ones from your childhood. This is NOT a romance. There are approximately 34,600 words in this novelette.


 Evolution, the finale to Season 2, by Nicholas Bella is filled with intrigue and deception. Nicholas continues to captivate you with his originality and creativity that outshines the last with each new installment. Evolution certainly delivered as the fifth and final book to The House of Théoden.
Through this season many changes were made, alliances formed, and decrees fulfilled. Théoden set out to accomplish several goals and he completed them all. Forming an alliance with Deacon, the alpha wolf, was for one resolution only; to find Dante, the half-breed.
What is a season finale if not to entice you and fill your mind full of suspicion and your heart with deceit?  Well, there is definitely some deceit going on and my suspicious mind can’t help but wonder if “He who chooses to deceive will be deceived himself”, Lol. There are quite a few surprises and revelations and some that had my eyebrows lifting. Even Théoden was surprised by some, and that is saying something as that sexy vampire knows everything.
Noel continues to be a pleasant surprise. He has had some pretty rough handling and treatment this season, but he has embraced it, at last, and is going to make one badass vampire and general. I love the way he is choosing to train his own son. He is being firm yet still takes into consideration how he felt during his own training. He refuses to be a push-over, however, and lashes out or reprimands when needed - as he still craves and needs his own acceptance from Théoden. Noel is finally getting a taste of his own power and he loves it.
There are quite a few new characters introduced and I’m sure as we continue further into the New Haven Series we will see and learn more about each one. Nicholas has cleverly intertwined the vampires, the dragons, and the werewolves where they each need the other. Whether they all realize that before it’s too late is something we will have to wait and see. I’m not sure how it’s going to play out but I have no doubt it will be a thrilling journey.
Nicholas continues to wow you with his descriptive narrative as the vampires engage in copious amounts of sex and foreplay that will have you either fanning yourself or blushing. Either way, it is hot and riveting and one hell of a good time. I know some don’t care for Ryan, Bruce’s son, but I absolutely love him. He puts a smile on my face every time and I can clearly vision him as he taunts his “Daddy” for more. He begs so sweetly that of course Bruce can only comply.
And…wow, Nicholas! You sneaky little devil, lol. All I’m going to say here in regards to the ending – I did not see that coming. Now my mind will be in constant turmoil until Season 3 arrives. Well played Nicholas!


* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *