Brothers LaFon, Crucial Lessons, Part 1 by Joseph Lance Tonlet

Title: Brothers LaFon

Series: Crucial Lessons, Part 1

Author: Joseph Lance Tonlet

Genre: MM/Thriller/Suspense/Dark Erotic

Length: 72 Pages (Novella)

Publisher: Joseph Lance Tonlet


Alexander LaFon lives a nightmare, but he deals with it. Deals with the fact that his mother abandoned him as an infant, deals with the fact that his father is never home, and deals with the fact that his older brother, Jeremiah, tortures him.

He dreams of escaping his mobile-home prison and finding a normal life. Of breaking free of his agony, finding a woman to love, becoming a teacher.

But some horrors you can never outrun. There's nowhere to hide. Some nightmares chase you in your sleep and steal your freedom like a brutal thief. Some brothers never give up and never answer why.

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Review:  OH MY GOD!!! What a sick fuck! I recommend having your drink of choice close by because 1.) You will need it and 2.) Once you start you won’t want to stop. Not only did I not move while reading this story, I read it again, and again.  It’s a scary place, in Miah’s mind, but it’s also intriguing and had me completely captivated. Joseph Lance Tonlet, once again, brings his genius creativity and imagination to our tablets with Brothers LaFon.

First…please read the author’s warnings before you take this trip into the unknown. If you have triggers better left alone, I would strongly advise you to not go here. This is not a story with rainbows and unicorns. Right now, there is no HEA, not even a HFN. It’s dark, graphic, brutal, and will bring every emotion to the surface. So, what does that leave? A fucking brilliant piece of work.

 Part 1, Crucial Lessons, is an introduction into the lives of Jeremiah aka Miah, and Alexander aka Alex. Brothers, who have mainly grown up without adult supervision.

The story centers around two brothers, only a year apart, each needing the other desperately. Those needs, however, could not be further apart from the other. Jeremiah, better known as Miah, is a psycho.

I can’t think of anything else to call him other than a tormented, troubled, manipulative, psycho bastard. And, I like him, yet hate him. I am pulled to his mind and how it works. He’s smart, very clever, and is always one step ahead. He has my attention, just like I know he would want.

If you are weak, Miah will hate you. Weakness disgusts him. Weakness THRILLS him. He despises the cowardly and timid. He loves the cowardly and timid. He hates his brother…HATES HIM. He loves his brother, he needs his brother, and is miserable without him.

He thrives from his brothers’ fear. To be able to manipulate and control Alex, see his tears, watch him shudder, hear his hiccups, excites Miah. The power he holds makes his cock hard, makes it pulsate and gives him a high only Miah understands. The more afraid Alex is, the better Miah’s orgasm. It’s not about the sex. It’s about the fear and the control he wields.

 Somewhere along the way, Alex craves what Miah does to him. He loves to be held by him, in the dark, just the two of them. I can’t help but wonder if he has something similar to Stockholm syndrome. That doesn’t stop him, however, when he is given an opportunity to run. 

At its core, this is a psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Miah is unstable with an obsession that has no bounds. And Alex…love his heart. My heart breaks for him and the torture he has endured at the hands of his brother.

He only wants to understand Miah and why he does what he does. But Miah can’t explain, and even if he could, I doubt that he would.

 Joseph, cleverly, takes us through events past and present, executing the flow, seamlessly. He takes us back to their childhood, their years together as kids, brother and brother, only there won’t be Tonka trucks and toy rifles. Miah plays with knives, sharp ones, and belts. He commands authority with dominance and control.

 Joseph will expose the mind of a boy that can go from loving and gentle caresses, to hurting, brutalizing and even killing within the blink of an eye. He will expose the adult that boy has become, and his obsession that has grown with him. There is no remorse found here. It’s scary as fuck, but addicting. It’s passive/aggressive and hauntingly beautiful.

 We have front row seats as Alex steps back into Miah’s world of power and dominance. A world that Miah meticulously controls. A world that Alex cannot comprehend. But…God help him, the choice is no longer his.

5 Stars


* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from the author *