Behind Locked Doors, by Nicholas Kinsley

Title: Behind Locked Doors

Author: Nick Kinsley

Genre: BDSM/Historical
Length: Novel (178 Pages)
Publisher: Fantastic Fiction Publishing (February 19th, 2015)
Blurb: Edward Taylor is a man torn between his honorable façade and his forbidden carnal desires. Outwardly, a proper Victorian family man, Edward secretly craves pain and lusts after men. Isaac Sinclair is a struggling writer forced by poverty to supplement his income with less savory pursuits, including discreetly inflicting “professional punishments” upon wealthy gentlemen.
When Edward catches Isaac in an act of petty theft, the chance meeting seems to offer an ideal opportunity for both men. Neither man, however, is prepared for the escalation of social and personal risk occasioned by falling in love.
ISBN: 978-1-62234-211-2
 I believe I have just found a new author that is definitely one to keep an eye out for. Behind Locked Doors,by Nicholas Kinsley, is a captivating story about two men pulled to each other regardless of their social backgrounds. Set in the time period of 1886 where, if caught, you would most certainly find yourself imprisoned for who knows how long. I love historical books, add the element of D/s, and for me it was an obvious choice.
Edward Taylor has struggled for years with his lust for men and his carnal desires. He married a girl he met in Paris, not because he wanted to, but knew he would have to take a wife one day. He liked her well enough, she was intelligent, and a fiery attitude. And, they were friends so why not. Even though he loved her, he wasn’t in love with her.
Until he met Isaac, he very seldom smiled or had anything to feel happy about. He is a man considered of upper class, he owns a factory handed down by his father, and one day will go to his own son. A son that hardly gives him the time of day. He comes across as arrogant and looking down upon others. He is not the man he appears, he is much more. He dreams of being owned by a dominant man, being controlled, and being held in strong arms.
Seeing Isaac steal through a shop window would set the course for Edward’s future. Seeing Isaac smile, especially directed at him, would soon become something Edward could not do without. They established a professional relationship where Isaac, a struggling writer, would fulfill Edward’s desires of pain and pleasure.
Being behind locked doors, having every desire met, consumed him in every way. As their meetings became more frequent, their feelings become more evident
. At one point, Edward tries to end things with Isaac because he fears he is getting in too deep, emotionally. Once he realizes that Isaac feels the same he could not get to him fast enough.
Edward was fairly certain he had never felt so happy in his entire life, and were it not for the prospect of seeing Isaac, he was sure he would never feel so happy again. But he would see Isaac – the very next day, in fact – and the feeling of elation Edward felt now would only heighten. Nothing could take the smile from his face. Nothing.
Of course, things don’t always go smoothly or as planned. There is the constant fear of being caught. Edward constantly battles with himself over what he is doing to his family. He tries to justify his actions to himself but he knows and has known, for a long time where his heart and desires lie.
Nicholas Kinsley has written a beautiful, heartfelt, love story between two men who have come to need each other for more than just their professional arrangement. With the author’s flair of originality, he will open dialogue to the present and the past. Normally, I am not a fan of going back in time.
However, in this setting it was welcomed. We were able to get the visual of how their lives crossed paths, originally, bringing them to where they are in the present. There were a couple of places that caused me to trip, yet only briefly, as the story switched from past to present.

I really liked the way the author handled the Master/sub relationship between Edward and Isaac. During a scene, Isaac had no trouble slipping into his dominant authority and Edward was only too eager to comply. The author’s characterizations and descriptions brilliantly pulled the reader in giving you a feel of actually seeing their surroundings.
“Close your eyes.”

Edward closed his eyes.
It was a folded cloth Isaac blindfolded him with, rough and smelling of soap. He tied it snugly at the back of Edward’s head and without warning spun Edward round.
He hugged him. Edward stifled a gasp, but couldn’t manage to stop his initial flinch. After a moment, after Isaac kept hold of him, rubbing his hand up and down Edward’s back lovingly, Edward exhaled slowly and relaxed.

Behind Locked Doors is a very gratifying novel and the writing style is one that I can easily connect with. The execution of professional to personal was beautifully done showing many more facets of Edward, Isaac, and most of all Marie, Edward’s wife. I love how she worked through the upset and turmoil, and the conclusions she came too. She is a remarkable woman and I’m glad the author showed her as such.
I would recommend this story to anyone who loves historical with D/s mixed into the relationship. There was a bit of suspense always wondering if this were the moment, they would be exposed. The connection they had for each other both in bed and out was incredible. This was a beautiful love story where their happy ever after was achieved even though it still has to remain behind locked doors. Nicholas Kinsley is an author I would definitely read from again.
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