Submission, Book 4, Chained In Darkness by Nicholas Bella

Submission, book 4, in Nicholas Bella’s, Chained in Darkness series continues with Noel not only learning his place as a vampire but also accepting that he is, in fact, a vampire for life. Théoden continues driving the lessons home, urging him to come to grips with his fate. Noel, for no other reason than pride alone, continues to fight a losing battle. He also makes a couple of discoveries in this installment that have been weighing on his mind.

Théoden, with help from the brothers, will finally show Noel just what it means to be with a man, or in his case a male vampire. Théoden takes great pleasure teaching Noel the rules of submission. They all will have their time, learning the ins and outs (pun intended) of Noel. It will be one of the hardest things, to date, with the vampires, for Noel to admit that he likes this lesson. It doesn’t matter whether he admits it to himself because Théoden demands him to tell all how much he is enjoying their unions.

“Before this night is out, you will be begging to cum. And do you know what?”
I sighed as I arched against him. “What Master?”
“I’m going to let you. Do you know why?”
“No, Master.”
“Because you will have earned it. You will submit to me tonight, Noel.” He rested his chin on the top of my head, chuckling. “Oh I know. I don’t even have to read your thoughts to know that you think you’re strong enough to fight against me. But you’re wrong. You will give into us all and you’ll love every second of it.”

Even though submission has its good points, for vampires, there are still quite a few things that Noel is having trouble grasping. He doesn’t like to feed from humans, knowing the outcome, but realizes he can’t survive without them. He still has a very strong dislike for Jonah, the double-crossing weasel, but most of all, his private thoughts are no longer private.

Another mystery out in the open is what type of vampire Théoden is. This will go a long way into explaining why he is so powerful and demands respect. One thing is certain, however, he will concede and admit defeat or be severely punished. And trust me, his punishment is brutal, extremely harsh, and very effective with its intent.

“Yes, that’s it, Noel…enjoy it. Revel in the pleasure and power of your brothers. Submit to us and take your place among my children. This is what you were meant for, this greatness. My children and I are the elite of the vampire legion. We hold the superior echelon among our kind. I chose you out of so many who’d do anything to be sired by me. I chose you because I saw something in you, Noel. Something worthy and I want you to accept that you belong here with us.”

Submitting is inevitable unless he dares to challenge Théoden. EvenHandsome and muscular young guy with chain Noel understands how detrimental that could be. I’m sure he will still find reasons to disagree and put up a fight for his own sanity, but I do think he is getting to a place that will offer him respite and some calm. Whether that calm will be before a storm, I don’t know.

I do know that Nicholas Bella has changed my outlook with group activities by writing some very intense, raw, filthy, and graphic sex scenes that were very H.O.T. Each time they have sex, their feelings and abilities become that much stronger. Noel is finally seeing that sex with a man is not only enjoyable but also very gratifying in several ways.

Nicholas Bella continues to hold my attention with his series and I eagerly anticipate what will come next. There was a lot of sex in Submission but it was relevant for Noel to understand the importance of not only semen but to bond with his brothers. The author writes a very descriptive narrative that demands no less than your full attention.

Even though there are parts that are hard to read, there are just as many with humor that will have you laughing aloud. Noel has been dealt a pretty rough hand but he is coming to accept that this is his life. Which prompts me to remember the saying, “It’s better to fuck than fight” something that Noel will surely attest too.

Control is up next and the title gives some clues as to what to expect. In this installment, we got a glimpse of the back history to Théoden and his bloodline. I am eager for that part of him to show its face. If you are reading this and have not read the first three, it is imperative to read in order. I strongly recommend this series if you are not squeamish, like your sex scenes to be hot and plentiful, and may or may not include a bite to the neck. Or other sensitive places.

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