Only You by Aimee Nicole Walker

I love to stumble upon a book that just blows me away. I was just browsing Amazon, not necessarily looking for anything, and clicked on, Only You, by Aimee Nicole Walker. What a stupendous great find it was. It’s one of those books that within the first chapter, No, I’ll take that back. Reading the author’s acknowledgments at the beginning of the book started me on my emotional journey and you know…you just know that this book is going to suck everything out of you. I couldn’t wait to get started where I could just block out everything around me and concentrate on nothing but the story.
Sebastian Blake, is WOW, such an incredible character. He is the badass alpha, the dominant lover, the obnoxious and crude businessman. Most of all, he is the broken teenager, wronged and used, lied to and lied about. fanart SebastianAdam Only YouStabbed in the back by his first love, the repercussions would forever haunt and torture his soul. His family turned their back on him choosing to believe the lies instead of their own flesh and blood.
Get dressed you sick fucker,” my father yelled at me as he pushed me into the guestroom I’d been using. “You’ve destroyed our family, Sebastian. I…you…how could you do this to me? To our family?
Sixteen years later, Sebastian is one of the wealthiest men in the country. Driven by his own determination and fear he has far succeeded anyone’s expectations. Hell bent on destroying those that destroyed him and everything and everyone that he loved, he will confront the demons of his nightmares. With time, research, patience, and money,
Sebastian will take away everything that Marcus Appleton, his teenage lover, has. Finally, Marcus will know what it feels like to lose everyone and everything, homeless and destitute.
Unfortunately, Sebastian has more than just Marcus, out for blood. Working on his behalf to find answers that will free him from lawsuits, Adam Johnson has lusted after Sebastian since he laid eyes upon him. Sebastian is short-tempered with Adam, barely acknowledges his existence, and keeps his distance most of the time. What Adam thinks is hate and intolerance is really Sebastian trying to keep from making a fool of himself.
If Adam knew that Sebastian dreams and fantasizes about him and wants nothing more than to take him to bed, smack his ass, tie his hands, and dominate him more than his next breath, he would be beside himself. One thing stopping Sebastian from making his move…Adam is straight with a fiancé. But, is he really? Or is ifanart AdamSebastian only yout just a cover-up for the sake of family? When these two find themselves alone, they seem to have an unspoken trust between them where hidden truths will be told, and sexual chemistry, so hot, it’s about to combust.
Adam returns to the living room and his hand trembles slightly when he hands me my beer. I tip the bottle back and take a drink, not taking my eyes off his glorious chest. Fuck, I want to nuzzle my nose in his chest hair. A single drop of sweat trickles from the center of his chest down towards his navel. I want to lick it off his body.
Christ, my dick is painfully hard behind my zipper. Before I can stop myself, I reach out and swipe the bead of sweat off his torso with my index finger before it reaches the elastic waist of his shorts. Adam’s body trembles beneath my brief touch.
To say everything I want to about this book would make this review ten times longer than it already is. And…I haven’t even gotten to the good parts. The best I can do is strongly encourage you to read this amazing and captivating story.
Aimee Nicole Walker is a new author, but she has shown with this book that she has honed her craft to near perfection. There is everything in this story that I love. There is passion, hot sex. I mean, really hot sex, which has a touch of dominance, on occasion.
The world around me goes completely still except for the feel of Sebastian’s hands holding my ass, his hot breath exhaling through his nose against my waxed balls, and the silky, hot glide of his tongue in and out as he slowly penetrates me, over and over again.
Nothing I’ve ever read, no gay porn I’ve watched could have ever prepared me for Sebastian Blake. Sweet Jesus, nothing has ever felt so damn good.
Sebastian and Adam complement each other perfectly. Even though Sebastian is the perfect alpha, that doesn’t mean that Adam is always submissive. He doesn’t hesitate letting Sebastian know when he is out of line or when he tries to override Adam’s thoughts. In or out of the bedroom they treat each other as equals.
One of the many things I loved in this book is the author does not pull the two MC’s apart when trouble ensues. They work together as a team to solve whatever roadblocks they face. There will be many times you will laugh at their banter. They are quick-witted, love to tease and joke, but in the next breath they can be completely serious and stir every emotion to life. They will break you down in their heartfelt moments till you wish you could just reach in and hug them tight.
Ms. Walker writes a very descriptive narrative that pulls you in the scene with the characters. There are many twists and turns with a mystery full of suspense going on throughout the whole story. People are being murdered and they don’t know why. I thought I knew who the killer was but I was wrong. You are always on edge waiting for the unknown to happen. The dialogue is fast-paced, interesting, and will definitely hold your attention. Several times I had to stop and be a productive member of my family (whatya mean you’re hungry?) and I couldn’t wait to get back to see what was happening next.
Each character has a voice allowing you to know their thoughts and feelings. The author, brilliantly, wrote the story where there were moments in the past the character would travel back to. Giving the reader recaps and catching us up on things, we were not privy at the time to see. I normally don’t like going back in time, however, the way she went about it was not only interesting and crucial to the present, and it was very gratifying.
One last thing and I’ll wrap this up since it’s really long but I have to mention the secondary characters. They play such a vital role and are just as vibrant as the main. Carolyn, Adam’s best friend, stands beside him and offers him unwavering support, no matter the situation. She is an amazing person and a great friend. Adam’s parents are super- super supportive, kind and giving, and want nothing but the best for their only son. It was so refreshing to read about parents who got it and does it right.
I can’t emphasize enough how much I enjoyed this story. I hope the author will continue to enrich us with more of her works in the future. I know I’ve left a bunch of stuff out but hopefully you’ll just go one-click and be as enthralled as I was.

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