Lightson Dynasty by Rhiannon Wellman

: One of the best feelings for a reader, IMO, is picking up a book you know nothing about, opening it up, and getting completely enraptured by its contents. Rhiannon Wellman is a new published author, but it’s easy to tell this is not her first rodeo. Her new release titled, Lightson Dynasty, is a short story consisting of just under 50 pages, but within those pages are a thought out, well-constructed, gratifying story.

As the author tells us in the blurb, Jo, which stands for Joseph, allows everyone around him to think it stands for Josephine. Jo already carries a secret from those around him so what’s one more? What he didn’t expect, however, is for his grandmother to put to use her matchmaking skills to find “her granddaughter” the perfect man. Ohh, what a tangled web we weave. He can’t marry a man…can he?
Meeting Marcus, Jo’s potential suitor, goes much better than anticipated. Neither are thrilled that both of their grandmothers have been plotting against them. They both share the same thoughts of impending doom and gloom of their prospective partners.

 Jo -     “My grandmother has decided that I must marry. She has sent for some young man, a relative of a friend. I have no wish to marry, much less to a man whom I have never met and probably appears as if he was bashed against these very rocks or is as dumb as them.”

Marcus – “If it is any consolation, I expected a woman as thick as a plank of wood and looking like she had been struck by one. Which I happily assure you, you are neither,” he teased good-naturedly.

They quickly form a friendship sharing their quick-wit and jovial personalities. Marcus, unbeknownst to Jo, carries a secret of his own. Realizing they may as well make the best of their situation, they decide to share secrets that they have not trusted to another soul. Once they are revealed they cannot believe their good fortune.

The story continues to move along at a fast rate. Jo will discover that he was outwitted and outsmarted by not only the staff but also his grandmother, and it’s pretty funny. It was a surprising bonus and shows the author’s cleverness and sense of humor.

This was a great story that takes place in the early 1700’s in England. Of course none of us were around but, in my own mind, I thought the author hit the nail on the head with their speech and actions for that time period.  The originality of the storyline kept me intrigued and invested, and the descriptive narrative gave me the visual I like to have when reading.

This is a romance of first loves. Their sexual experiences are nil but they have no trouble figuring out how to give each other pleasure. Jo and Marcus were a perfect combination and the secondary characters were just as vibrant lending their own humor and wit throughout the story. Ms. Wellman has written an infectious story that is sure to have you laughing out loud and, at the very least, smiling till the end. Would I recommend this to others? Absolutely. I look forward to more books in the future from Rhiannon Wellman.  

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