Lessons, book 3, Chained in Darkness, by Nicholas Bella

 Lessons, Book 3 in Nicholas Bella’s, Chained in Darkness, series picks up where Punishment, Book 2, left off. After finishing Punishment and knowing Lessons would be next, I was little apprehensive as to what “lessons” Noel would have to suffer through. And, make no mistake, he has suffered, extensively. His only saving grace, at this point, is he heals almost immediately from his torture (One of the perks of being a vampire). In Noel’s mind, he IS being tortured, he’s being humiliated, and he is definitely being made an example in front of the others.

Most of us know vampires thrive and survive with blood as their potent nectar and lifeline. And while that is also true here, Noel, and the others, also needs semen. Specifically Théoden’s, as his has powerful properties that will electrify and energize your whole body. So…what lessons will Noel be taught? He makes it quite clear he is not happy about his situation. He is confused, mentallfanart lessons nicholas bella noel(1)y and physically, seeing his body and more to the point, his manhood, respond fervently as he watches and listens to those around him having sex.

Théoden continues to be the evil, sadistic, bastard and takes great pleasure in making Noel an example to his “brothers.” It doesn’t matter to him that Noel is an unwilling participant. His displeasure is voiced loud and clear, when Noel tries to thwart his commands.

“Suck it, you filthy fucking bitch!” Théoden growled as he shoved his hips forward.
I felt like I couldn’t breathe, and I knew I didn’t need to, but I was too used to the sensation of breathing not to panic at this point. I pressed my hands on Théoden’s thighs, trying to rise up. He snatched me off his cock, lifting my head up, and slapped me hard across the cheek then spit in my face. I recoiled as his hot, slimy saliva slid down my lips and cheek. It was so fucking disgusting and degrading. I knew that’s why he did it.
“Open your mouth!” He ordered.

Since his blood now flows through Noel, he knows him better than Noel knows himself, or at least what he is willing to admit. Noel will become nothing other than a dumpsite for his fellow vampires as they use him, relentlessly, to pleasure themselves.

Whether Noel learns anything from this lesson, and I’m not convinced he has, he does learn something about himself. His taste buds are getting quite the workout and he finds he rather likes the explosions of flavor. (Use your imagination. you’ll probably be right, lol)

“It’s time that you accept what you are, Noel. This is a part of your life now, get used to it or suffer.” Théoden looked at Bruce and nodded.
Bruce slid back down, squatting over my face. “There’s no time like the present, let me feel that sweet tongue, boy.”

Noel may be held by forces he doesn’t understand but his fiery attitude continues to show. He may go along with Théoden’s demands, but he doesn’t have to like it. But, is that really the case? Is it possible Noel enjoys, ummm, drinking, and swallowing, the vampires nectar? His brothers enjoy, immensely, taking their pleasure from Noel. They force him to do things to them that repulse him to his core.

Their sexual deviances have no boundaries as they put Noel through his lessons. Noel realizes he is at their mercy, to be used and abused, as they see fit. However, could it be that Noel is more humiliated with the actions of his body than the act itself?

As the author continues to warn us, I continue to read, anyway. I need to know what is coming next and if Noel will continue to fight or give in. As with the first two novelettes, the author doesn’t cut corners or spare the details. Lessons, for me, was an easier read, (Noel notsomuch, heh), out of the three, so far. His lessons were not as painful as his punishment, but still hard on Noel, just the same.

I’m afraid to assume, however, that things are beginning to lighten up. I see traces, small glimpses, of Théoden maybe, MAYBE, having some compassion, but then again I’m sure it’s just my wishful thinking. Nicholas, also, includes more of the cast in this story giving us an inside view of what Noel is up against.

The “brothers” all connected together through Théoden, his blood and semen, are an intriguing bunch. They are egotistical, loud, brutish, and very vocal, finding their own pleasure, and shouting explicitly, for the others. Each one will use Noel as the instrument in achieving their release.

I haven’t changed my opinion that somewhere through this journey I will love Théoden. He’s evil, volatile, and temperamental. And, in his defense, he is consistent with his warnings, doesn’t waiver on his punishments, and deep down, way down, I think he wants Noel to succeed, to give in, and enjoy his new life. Only time will tell and one reason why I am compelled to see it through.

Submissions, book 4, is up next and I can only wonder if Noel will submit willingly or continue to hold strong with his convictions. Hopefully, by now, Noel has gained enough insight to go along with Théoden and if nothing else, to at least keep his mouth shut. But, what would be the fun in that?

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