Control, Book 5, Chained In Darkness, by Nicholas Bella

 Control, book 5, in Nicholas Bella’s Chained in Darkness series brings new characters that leave you yearning for more information. You, also, see Noel with a new attitude about the pleasures he gives and receives. I think he is finally succumbing to his new way of life. Most of the time.

Never, in a million years, did Noel ever see himself in the position or situation he is in now. Théoden, as well as, his vampire brothers told him he would come to love everything in his new life if he would just stop fighting it. Of course, being straight didn’t help to alleviate the feelings he was starting to have.

Once Noel was able to submit and realize his place in the house, he became a new person. Oh, he still has his moments of defying his Master. He wouldn’t be Noel if he didn’t. However, through his torturous training, something he doesn’t want to fall victim to again, he is beginning to think before he speaks.

Théoden is proud of how his boy is coming along. He can see he is really making an effort to fit in and instead of disciplining him in his moments of forgetfulness, he just shakes his head probably laughing at his expense. Don’t think for a second that Théoden wouldn’t knock his ass across the room if he displeased him because he would and will.

Noel is headed with his Master for a night out. Dressed in leather and ready for what lies ahead this will be the first chance Théoden has at showing off his boy. I tfanart control noel nick bellahink it is also a test for Noel to see how well he behaves in a different atmosphere and around different people.

When Noel sees Tylendel, a very powerful dragon, he is taken back by the feelings and thoughts he is having. He surprises himself that he is lusting so heavily for him. And, wow…is he ever. Théoden’s purpose for taking Noel to the Interloper where Ty hangs out is so his boy can get all the pleasures and desires from this dragon. Noel knows there is no blood connection but he feels something very strongly, where Ty is concerned.

I was still sitting on my knees, speechless and not even really knowing what to say. I wanted to think certain thoughts, but I didn't want to piss Théoden off. I hated that I felt like a shell of my former self. Still, even in the midst of all that emotion, I was aroused by their presence. My cock throbbed with anticipation of them having their way with me, my body yearned for it. For the pleasure of being taken, possessed…fucked hard.

Noel completely submits to Theo and Ty for their pleasure to be used anyway and every way they see fit. He cannot get enough of either one. His thirst for sex is insatiable. Noel is in lust heaven and he loves every minute of it. This is a big change for Noel, but don’t stop, please.

As each book is released, the author continues to move the story further, exploring many facets of Noel, Théoden, and the many cast of characters that make up this addicting series. Through his imagination and creativity, Nicholas Bella, continues to captivate me with his words.

This series won’t be for everyone. The author makes that more than clear in his warnings on every book released. The torture is extreme, the sex is raw and graphic, but there is a well thought out plot that continues to move forward that begs you, the reader, to see where this will go.

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