Caged Sanctuary, by Tempeste O'Riley

 Caged Sanctuary, by Tempeste O’Riley, is a beautiful love story between two men who wasn’t sure if they would ever have the partner they needed. This is about one man’s journey finding acceptance, love, and something he craves above all else, submission. You will see his fears from past and present that he faces daily. Confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, Kade Thorn, feels his life is doomed. He is an intelligent doctor, financially secure, yet the one thing he wants, he knows he will never have. He sees no hope of ever finding a Dom who will cherish and love him, for him, instead only seeing him as a cripple.
Kade was in an accident that left him wheelchair dependent and even though he thrives with his dental practice and being self-sufficient, he no longer sees himself as a worthy sub. His ex-Dom, repeatedly, verbally abused and damaged him emotionally. He is a broken man, mentally. He has low self-esteem and is very insecure. He sees himself as undesirable and worthless for any Dom so he doesn’t even try. Even after his life-altering accident he continues to be kicked when down. It doesn’t matter if he is the one kicking himself.
Tricked into a dinner party, Deacon James, goes anyway to be with friends. Socializing was all he planned on doing when he got there but one look at Kade and he was instantly attracted. Being a Dom without a sub is hard on Deacon. He doesn’t like just playing with anyone. He much prefers a long term commitment. Talking to Kade, he immediately picks up on the signs and the behaviors that signal he is a sub. Listening to Kade he gets the feeling that he has a lot of problems to overcome, but if he will give him the chance, he would like nothing more than to show him his place. At Deacon’s feet.
Tempeste O'Riley - Caged Sanctuary fanart tempeste O'riley
Tempeste O'Riley - Caged Sanctuary fanart tempeste o'riley Deacon 1Tempeste O’Riley has paired two characters that need each other more than they realize. Kade constantly battles his inner demons that tell him he is worthless. He feels that he is always being judged by his wheels and not for the man he is. Deacon doesn’t pay any attention to his wheelchair. He sees passion and fire in his eyes when he talks of being a sub. Deacon wants Kade for his boy, but first he needs to learn of his limits and boundaries. Being in a wheelchair will create problems, however, Deacon is willing and excited to find alternatives in order to have Kade’s submission.
When Deacon presents his solution to Kade he can’t believe Deacon would want him. No one has ever wanted him since his accident. Kade thrives submission, and his sole purpose is to be diligent and devoted to a Dom. With careful planning and a lot of love, attention, and care, Deacon can have everything he has ever wanted. Kade can have everything he has ever wanted. But to make it work, Deacon will have to convince Kade of his worth and value and show him he is everything any man or Dom could ever want.
The author handles Kade’s situation, beautifully. He is damaged goods, according to him, and she paired him with a character that was so loving, trustworthy, and full of compassion. She never rushed their relationship. They took their time getting to know each other before they ever proceeded to the D/s side of their agreement. They have their first sexual encounter a week after they meet, but during that week, a lot of planning and preparing took place.
I thought the execution of the plot flowed smoothly giving each person a chance to feel secure before they jumped with both feet. The secondary characters, whether they are friends with Deacon or Kade, are vital in this story. They offer valued friendship and support and are always there to lend an ear or shoulder if needed.
Sometimes, Kade had tendencies to come across aggressive or temperamental with Deacon which I thought seemed a little out of character for him considering he was so passionate and soft-spoken in his submissive state. There is BDSM for those who are squeamish. But, with that said, this is not a story of a sub being tied up and gagged. This is a love story between two people who take whatever steps necessary to please the other and give them back their own power. It is a sincere, well thought out story that the author handled very much appropriately giving two men their happy ever after.
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