Acceptance, book 6, Chained in Darkness, by Nicholas Bella

 Acceptance, Book #6, in the Chained in Darkness series, and the final installment in Season 1, brings Noel full circle exposing him to many elements of his new life. He has been tortured, raped, humiliated, torn from limb to limb, and finally branded after a long journey of lessons that bring him front and center to, the ultimate goal, and acceptance. He has been accepted by Théoden, his Master, and Father, and by all of his brothers in the house, at last.

Leading up to this moment, Noel has been subjected to many horrendous acts. Some he didn’t understand, at the time, but were finally starting to make sense. As Théoden takes Noel out, once again, into the outskirts of town, he will learn some valuable lessons as to what it means to be a vampire. A vampire that is feared and above all, commands authority.

Noel tries hard to hold onto what little human compassion he has but to no avail. He understands what will happen by not completely accepting his role as a soldier in Théoden’s house. What seems to bother him and weighs heavily on him is the thrill he gets when hunting for blood, quenching his desires by other males and lusting heavily for them. As Théoden has told him many times, it is his nature, his true self, accept him, and revel in it.

The final lesson Noel will have will be one that diminishes his spirit. He must make amends with Jonah. He must accept him as his brother. He will share desires with him and vice versa. Trying to hold onto what little rebellion he has left, he outright defies this order. And, he pays dearly for this mistake. He has learned the error of his ways. To continue to defy Théoden, on anything, will only cause him to suffer. This is a fight he will not win.

He demanded a lot of me and I’d risen to the challenge fanart acceptance noel nick bella(1)each time, killing my victims, fucking them under duress and being debased by anyone he wanted to share me with. But taking the life of a child…once was more than enough to open my eyes. Then when he’s combined his other torture methods, well…let’s just say that I know my limits. I didn’t before, but now I do and he knows them, too.

As Season 1 comes to a close with Acceptance, you realize the potential for what still lies unanswered. The author has brilliantly, through 6 books, given us an inside look at the world and life that Noel, unbeknownst to him, at the time, found himself caught in. We have watched his struggle with guilt and uncertainty of his future. We stood on the sidelines as he was beaten to a pulp and tossed aside like yesterday’s garbage. Each time he miraculously fought back with abandon and won the respect of his brothers and most of all his Sire.

Nicholas Bella has held my attention throughout this entire series. There are still many things left to explore and I can’t wait to see what the next season will have. The author’s ingenuity speaks for itself with the world building he has outlined in this series. Each installment was executed effectively and efficiently giving us an inside seat to an arena full of sex, desire, greed, pain, and ultimately power.

What Noel will have to do with the power he now holds, I can only guess, but I can’t wait to see where the author takes us next. Until Season 2…Thank you Nicholas for one hell of a ride.

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