Punishment, Book 2, Chained in Darkness by Nicholas Bella

Punishment, Book 2, Chained in Darkness series, by Nicholas Bella, is exactly as the title says. Please read the warning above from the author before you start reading this series. Book 2 starts off where Embraced finished and with Noel recognizing he is in way over his head. The author doesn’t pull any punches with Théoden’s displeasure of Noel when he constantly seems to defy him. I don’t think Noel is doing it on purpose, well…most of the time, I think he is having a hard time grasping the situation he is in. Noel, as a human, was straight with no sexual interest toward another male. Now, as a vampire, he is getting turned on by Theoden, and his handling of him. All of this is new to him and he doesn’t understand why it is happening.

Theoden laid the rules out and went over his dislikes, what he would not tolerate, and his expectations with Noel. He is firm and does not waiver when Noel displeases him. So, what is a Master to do when his pet doesn’t listen? He is punished and quite severely.

Theoden is a sadistic vampire and has no compassion whatsoever. Your heart really breaks for Noel because he has no choice in what is happening. He is whipped, tortured, and humiliated in the worst way. He will face off with Jonah, the backstabbing weasel and the reason Noel is in this situation.

Noel’s punishment seems never ending. Theoden promised to punish him for every offense against him and he more than delivers. He puts him through many different forms of torture. The more that is handed out, the more Theoden flourishes. He brandishes the crop with force and speed and does not let up until the air is gone from Noel’s lungs and his throat is raw from screaming.

Will Noel resign to his fate and relinquish all control over to Theoden? I don’t know, but I think the prospect of accepting what is now his new life is coming closer and closer. His punishment is extreme even for the smallest offences. He is having a hard time conforming to the demands and expectations that is required of him but with each new punishment he is quickly learning that giving in is looking better and better.

Honesty and trust are two things Theoden expects and in any normal situation that is not too much to ask. But for Noel, right now – at this moment, giving those two things freely is incomprehensible.

“Excellent. Honesty really is one of the main foundations for building a relationship. Trust is another. You can trust me to take care of you, but also, you can trust me to punish you when you disobey me. You will most likely be in pain from that solution until tomorrow night, deal with it. We have one more punishment to administer.” Theoden walked over to me, stepping over my putrid mess and caressed the top of my head as if he were petting a dog. “I would much rather enjoy the flesh of my boys, my children than torture it. Oh, make no mistake, my little Bitch. I do enjoy torturing, but there is a difference. You see, there’s pain like what you’re experiencing now, and that is necessary…and then there is pain that you will come to enjoy.”

Through his pain and punishment Noel is slowing conforming to the ways of his Master. This form of punishment is something he does not want to live through again. Learning to think before he speaks will certainly work in his favor. However, one of the few things Theoden likes about him is his spirit and smart mouth. And…No, Theoden doesn’t like him at all. If he does, which at this point I’m not sure, he hides it well.

The more Noel reigns in his attitude, you see small fragments of concern and possibly understanding from Theoden. It makes you think that in time they could be real lovers with pleasure and desire. At the same time, I keep thinking maybe that is what I want to happen so I’m picking up things not really there. Time will tell for sure and I am definitely going to keep reading to see. I must admit that not knowing where this is heading or the direction it will take it just as addictive as the words the author has written. The situation is turbulent at best but that’s part of what makes it so enticing.

Nicolas Bella continues to hold me captive with his words just as Theoden holds Noel with chains. The dialogue is brutal at times to read, yet necessary. The author holds nothing back and makes it quite clear what to expect. The punishment is horrific but now that Noel is a vampire, healing happens immediately. A small consolation that you can’t help but hang onto.

The story line continues to flow seamlessly and the author has outlined this series with each novella. If you take the time to check out the author’s Amazon page or his website, he gives us a glimpse of things to come. Lessons, Book 3, is up next and I can’t help but think that Noel will have many to learn.

I’m honestly looking forward to the time when Noel relinquishes all control over to Theoden, if he does. Will they flourish together or am I just wishful thinking? I can’t answer that yet but I still haven’t given up on Theoden. For some reason, I still feel as though I’m going to love this evil, sadistic bastard. :-P