Playing For Keeps by Lexi Ander

As I was scrolling through my FB feed, I noticed a book cover that immediately stole my attention. It had three guys on a football field. Guys and football automatically get my notice so I started searching for this book. It was Playing for Keeps by Lexi Ander. I already knew I was going to buy, but it turns out it is FREE. **Please note that it was free when I downloaded it but have no way in knowing if it will remain that way. It’s worth buying if it doesn’t.
There is a letter in the front of the book to the author from a reader requesting a story and this is the product of that. I am always pleased when I find these stories because the author has taken time to put into words something specifically for that reader. And, even better, the author has just released a sequel that I can’t wait to read next.
The story opens up with Brock, Trent, and AJ, already in a committed relationship. They have been together for two years, however, as far as the outside world is concerned, they are only roommates. They have too many things to consider at the present to allow their relationship to be public. Trent, a football player hoping to be drafted by the NFL. Brock is working as an intern for a sports channel, and AJ is in his junior year to be a physical therapist.
On top of these day-to-day restraints, Trent, has been taking quite a bit of verbal abuse from other players. Then there is Trent’s father, a royal jackass. He doesn’t care for Trent and hasn’t for a long time. He is only concerned with his own prestige and his future campaign to run for Mayor. He will not let Trent and his bad judgment (according to him) get in his way. He has a few demands and he expects Trent to bow down to each and every one. If he doesn’t, well…
The guys have been together long enough they can easily pick up on signals when something is wrong. Brock and AJ know that Trent is taking some abuse. When they find out just how much he has been taking they are ready to pound some heads. AJ, former marine, is ready to bring on some old-fashioned whoop-ass to anyone who looks at Trent wrong. He won’t, this time, as cooler heads have prevailed, but he never lets down his guard.
Trent is becoming distant and Brock and AJ will not let that happen. He’s been summons to attend dinner with his father so they put together an intervention to get him away from the evil man. Trent has always wanted his father’s approval. He has done everything he was told hoping that someday he would love him for the person he is and not who he sleeps with. All of these problems are piling up on Trent and he is about to cave. He’s considering leaving the two loves of his life in order to keep them safe and achieve their dreams. Not going to happen.
“Did you think we’d simply give you up? That we didn’t love you enough to hold onto you with both our hands?” Brock asked in an agonized whisper.
“Oh, God, Brock, I didn’t…”
“You thought we would value jobs more than…are you serious…? Jobs?fanart lexi ander best one
Trent finally sees the error of his judgment and realized, together, they can accomplish and achieve anything. But, they will be doing it together, not alone. You can’t help but to hurt for each one of the guys as they try to work through this setback. Brock and AJ were really hurt by Trent thinking he could just leave them and they would be okay. Trent really thought he was doing the best thing because he loved them enough to leave.
They still have things to work through, decisions for their future, and finishing school.
There is a lot of love between the three and if they hold onto that, I think they will go far and see their dreams come to fruition. Of course, fighting always leads to incredible make-up sex. AJ admits to starting fights just so they can get to the make-up part. One thing, of many, that I liked about their relationship was no jealousy or feelings of being left out. They work together extremely well in the bedroom, each knowing what the other likes, providing pleasure to each. No, trouble may be brewing outside, but inside, in their bed, they are making their own explosions.
This is my first read by Lexi Ander and I really enjoyed this story. So much so that I will be starting the follow-up next. Even though we didn’t get any history on how the three became a unit, the author does a great job showing how in love they are. The plot was executed well from the time frame involved and it was a gratifying story. The dialogue is funny but serious when the situation called for it. Lexi shows depth and meaning in her sentences allowing the reader to visualize the scene.
All in all, I thought this was a great story that I would definitely recommend to others. It was fast-paced and the angst was handled quickly, and you do get your happy ever after.
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