Arctic Absolution by Lynn Kelling

I get excited every time Lynn Kelling releases a new book. She has teased us with the prospect of Arctic Absolution for quite a while, but the wait is over. Lynn has a natural writer’s ability to take words, form them into sentences, and pull you into whatever world she has created. Arctic Absolution, as with all of her novels, has characters that you quickly form an attachment with. She allows both of her MC’s to have a voice, giving you, the reader, an inside connection to both. The frozen landscape of Alaska will set the scene and become a place that Dixon and Jaye will begin to heal and set their roots.
Living with many secrets, most too humiliating to share, even those closest to Dixon, has finally became too heavy for him to carry. Living with an abusive boyfriend who does nothing but degrade and demean has taken its toll on Dixon. Marcus (long-time boyfriend now ex boyfriend) took great pleasure causing chagrin in Dixon.
Marcus, a fisherman at sea for long periods of time, is gone and Dixon, no longer feeling the need to dignify his position, moves out and in with his sister. He knows when Marcus returns there will be hell to pay for his actions. In the meantime, being an Alaska State Trooper, keeps him occupied and busy.Lynn Kelling fanart better
On a late night call, Dixon responds to a robbery in progress. Arriving just in time to see the culprit flee and make a run for it, Dixon takes chase and tackles him to the ground. He is immediately taken back by the gorgeous, slim, dark-haired beauty with dark eyes staring back at him. Recognizing fear and defeat, he feels guilty for hurting him and quickly tries to analyze the situation and the predicament this kid is in.
Being alone, starving, and extremely cold are things Jaye had hoped were far behind him. He thought the small Alaska community might be the solace he was looking for. So far, it too has failed him and left him to fend on his own.
Just released from a 2-year prison sentence and being the only living relative to his deceased grandfather, he was appointed the old man’s cabin set back in the woods of the desolate Alaskan town. No food, no money, and no prospects of getting either, he steals from the local gas/food mart. More out of desperation than anything else, he runs when he sees the cop coming towards him. Jaye has been around the block a time or two and he sees the reaction the cop is having towards him. Always ready to offer his body for favors he is surprised when this good-looking, well-built cop, who btw Jaye knows is gay, orders him to the car for a ride home. Come morning, Trooper Rowe will see to it he has food, heat, electric and job contacts.
Even though Jaye is adamant he is no one’s charity case, he suffers horribly, night after night, with nightmares. Having light will go a long way in giving him some peace. He and Dixon work out a plan of you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. The town has little to offer as far as finding sexual pleasure so this agreement should benefit them both.
Lynn Kelling fanartThey don’t want to admit what they both know, but they have a strong connection. They both are damaged souls, both suffering abuse from others, both tortured by nightmares and both feeling as though they have nothing worthwhile to offer anyone. Their attraction and sexual chemistry is immediate and the catalyst for some sex-filled nights. Their relationship is tumultuous in the beginning, always on guard, and always expecting the worst.
As guarded secrets begin to unravel the more their relationship begins to grow and strengthen. They both have been through some horrible events but together they are trying to overcome their past and work on building their future, together.
Reaching out, Jaye touched Dixon’s face, brushing the pad of his thumb over his cheekbone, the backs of his knuckles pushing gently back over his ear and hair. Fingers tangling there, Jaye asked, “Take me home? I’m yours, whatever you want, okay? Whatever you need, you can have it. You don’t have to be alone.”
They knew the day would come when Marcus would return. Now, as fear runs amuck in both Dixon and Jaye, they promise to be each other’s protector. Jaye loves when Dix takes on an authoritative, dominant, alpha, badass persona, but secretly, Dix likes to be manhandled. He likes rough and dominating sex with a bit of fear mixed in. He has been brainwashed by Marcus, a sadistic, evil bastard, who takes great pleasure forcing Dixon into humiliating, demeaning positions that make him feel worthless, and a disgusting human being.
As Jaye continues to fight his own inner demons, he has vowed to take on Dixon’s also. With skeletons still lingering in both closets, will they trust each other enough to tell all their secrets? Dixon has considered going back to Marcus in order to keep Jaye safe. How will Jaye react if he leaves him for Marcus? To Dixon, he is protecting Jaye, but to Jaye, it will only confirm his convictions of unworthiness.
This story will keep your guts twisted and in knots. There is a lot of stuff going on in the open and behind the scenes that will have your full attention. Both guys have been wronged, seen more abuse and torture than anyone should have too. Lynn, brilliantly, writes dialogue that flows seamlessly… encompassing you to the storyline. The characters consume your inner thoughts and fears and for the amount of time it takes you to read their story, they are your friends. Your heartstrings are pulled. You shed tears for their pain, but also smile for their joy and happiness.
Lynn Kelling always gives us, the readers, and an all-inclusive story full of originality, mystery and suspense, and toe curling, hair-pulling sex. Dixon and Jaye have a compatibility that works for them. They complement each other well and the 10 yr age difference is of no consequence. It’s so easy to fall in love with them and want the best. They have some rough times ahead, they still have a lot to work through, but the author doesn’t cut corners to finish up a story. She doesn’t add filler for the sake of word count.
Each and every page is relevant to the growth of the story.
The content consists of many twists and turns. The suspense has all the elements of keeping you alert and on edge. I, personally, like that in the stories I read. I like to feel as though I know something is going to happen but just have no clue as to when or what. This ^^ is why I love and connect so easily to her writing. Her style is her own, as it should be, and it’s unique in the sense that it is addicting and captivating. You soak up her words. You sink your teeth into the story, and stay there until the end. These elements keep you invested in the story and Lynn does that effortlessly.
Pick up Arctic Absolution for your very own and when you finish that, I strongly encourage you to read her other stories. They will suck you in and make you a Lynn Kelling fan for life.
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