The Slave by Kate Aaron

 I am emotionally spent from this story. First order of business: Make sure you have book #2 when you start reading. You will be ticked at the ending of book #1 if you are not prepared to keep going. Now…OMFG!! I can honestly say out of my thousands of books, I have never EVERRR encountered an ending so brilliantly and masterfully done. My stomach literally feels as though it is in my throat the last ¼ of the book. Kate Aaron you have just rocked my world.
Tam is a slave to a Master he treasures. He lives for his approval and acceptance. There is nothing he would not do for this man. So, why does the Master want Tam to buy another slave? Is he going to replace him? Move this other slave into his bed? These are things Tam continually wonders over, as he is the one sent to make the purchase.
Choosing Kai was not a hard decision.
As soon as Tam saw him lined up to be sold, he knew he was the one he wanted. He still was confused as to why his Master sent him to make the purchase, but since he did, why not get the one he wants. Kai makes no effort to make it easy on Tam either. He feels threatened by the predicament he’s in. He’s bitter and resentful with due cause. He looks down on Tam as someone who surely must be brainwashed to do his Master’s bidding with no hesitation.
The Master wants Tam and Kai to form a bond and pleasure each other sexually. Until that happens, Master has forbidden Tam to seek relief of any kind unless it’s by the hand of Kai. This hurts Tam in his heart as he feels he is being replaced. The Master will continue to take his pleasure from Tam not realizing he is hurting him physically, as well as, emotionally.
For the briefest of moments I felt nothing but pure, white rage. Why would he punish me like this? What had I done to deserve it? Everything I did was for him, in the vain and hopeless hope that someday he would turn around and love me.
This line right here, gutted me. I hurt for Tam and the way he was feeling. I was angry with Master for placing doubts in his heart. Tam was bought by his Master at 12 years of age. Now 27, his life inside these walls is all he knows. He is relentless in his task of serving and pleasing his Master. He has so much compassion and understanding for others. He wears his heart on his sleeve. As each year passed by, Tam’s desires increased for his Master.
Kai was a soldier and he was free, or so he thought. He fights hard with resistance in his new surroundings. He continually questions the Master’s motives and his true intentions. It doesn’t take long though until Tam starts to wear on him, breaking him down, lowering his armour.
He’s never been with another man but even though he tries to conceal his own desires, he can’t help but watch Tam and Master as they fondle and kiss each other so passionately. He tries to hide his reaction and the evidence in his groin. Tam sees the impact their pleasure is causing and is giddy with the knowledge that he is making that happen.
He’s beginning to understand his new environment and maybe some of it’s not so bad. It doesn’t mean he’s no longer scared and conflicted because he is. But he also sees the contentment in Tam and how comfortable and secure he is. He realizes that maybe he wasn’t as fortunate before being sold as he thought he was. Tam befriends him even though he is jealous of him. He also is attracted to him but realizes it will take time and patience to earn his trust. As he massages his shoulders and applies lotion to his wounds, he can feel him beginning to relax under his care.
He was practically purring, a few simple touches all it had taken to break through some fragile barrier he had placed around himself. I wondered, as he gripped under his knees and flexed, when he had last experienced an intimate, loving touch. Not the trained whiles of a paid whore or loose woman for whom his body began and ended with his dick, but a true lover, a companion who had both time and desire to map his flesh, learn it and make it sing. Had he ever known such a person?
At first, Kai’s defiance is so palpable. His posture is erect and on guard. I wanted to reach through the screen and hug him so tightly. Your heart hurts for his situation. Thankfully, Tam continues to console and comfort him. He begins to see some cracks forming in his façade. A smile here, a touch there. He’s so skittish Tam must be careful in how he proceeds with him.
As Kai begins to relax he becomes so curious that it’s contagious and you realize you have been smiling from ear to ear. You are so wrapped up in the words and pulled in to their world you forget to breathe. As Kai finally succumbs to Tam and his touch you are cheering them on so happy for this breakthrough.
The kiss was clumsy, all teeth and tongues, a far cry from the gentle, measured kisses Master regularly bestowed, or even the urgent, demanding ones when he was lost in his lust enough to devour me alive. Kai clung to me with something akin to desperation. He made animal noises deep in his throat, little half-moans and sighs and grunts I couldn’t have interpreted if I tried.
As days turn into weeks, they continue to grow closer and their bond is strengthening. Kai is falling for the Master even though he is still too stubborn to admit it aloud. Tam and Kai have found an alliance within each other and jealousy seems to have gone by the wayside. They both take pride in pleasing Master and Kai has finally earned trust and respect.
Outside these walls, however, a war is going on. It requires a lot of the Master’s time and attention. Details that he doesn’t share with the slaves for reasons he keeps to himself. Trouble is getting closer and things are happening they don’t understand. The fear is alive and it is consuming them all. What is happening? Where is the Master?
So much blood, so many bodies from the mayhem and destruction.
OMG, the ending is killing me. I am in a panic, my breathing has increased and my heart is beating faster. I don’t know myself what is happening but I am afraid for Tam and Kai. I am fearing the worse, no doubt, but the author has not given me reason to believe my fear is not justified. I don’t even know where the Master is and if he is all right.
I feel like I have just fallen over the edge of a big cliff. Finally, my brain starts to work and I realize it does not have to end here. I rush to Amazon to get book 2, The Soldier. I must continue on because I need answers, I need to know what the heck just happened.
Kate Aaron is a master of her trade. She writes vividly with so much emphasis on detail and descriptions. I fell into the story easily and quickly because I could vision what was taking place. Objects in my perimeter fell away as I became so focused on the content of this story. This doesn’t always happen when reading a story but sometimes you are lucky enough to find one where it does happen and everything else pales in comparison. The Slave is one of those stories that will swallow you heart and soul.
I cannot encourage you strongly enough to pick this up. You will be so enamoured in the world of Tam and Kai that everything else will cease to exist. When THAT happens readers, you know you have just found a brilliant author who has a masterpiece in the making. This is such an amazing story I cannot wait to see what happens next. I just hope my nerves can take it. Go get your copy, one-click that bad boy right now, and prepare to be wowed.