Invisible by Taylin Clavelli

 What can a story of approximately 26 pages tell you? THAT is what I always said prior to reading Invisible, by Taylin Clavelli. This author has reminded me that there is a story, regardless to the page count, to be told, if you are willing to read it.
This is an enlightening tale of two people who love each other desperately. However, life gets in the way and priorities shift. It’s hard to see where these priorities fall unless someone points it out. Even then… you don’t want to see it.
We are encouraged to remember the simple things in life, the ones we take for granted. How easily we abuse the generosity of these gifts that are freely given. Our only hope is that when a light bulb comes on, it’s not too late.
Taylin Clavelli has written a short story with so much depth. It was outlined perfectly and the dialogue flowed seamlessly. She has proven that it doesn’t take thousands of words to write something that is profound. The author takes us on a journey with her lyrical prose and instils emotion that will wake all your senses. A very enjoyable and gratifying story that will leave you with a smile.