Always by Kindle Alexander

“You’re my always. I love you so much. I’d do anything to see you this happy,” Avery whispered, and the warmth of Avery’s words touched Kane’s heart, making his smile grow sweeter. “I’m glad I found you,” Kane said quietly, stepping back as Avery stood. “I think it was more like me finding you handsome.”

 Every now and then, you pick a book, it has everything that appeals to you as a reader, you buy and download, only to get thru a few pages and realize it is not at all what you thought. You’re kinda disappointed, right? How about those times, when you go thru the same process, only this time, from the very first page, it has grabbed you, daring you to breathe, causing you to be afraid that if you blink, it’s possible you may miss something valuable.
 This is where you will find yourself when you read a Kindle Alexander book. With that said, Always is not just a book, it is a story, a moment in time that transcends you into another universe and you don’t want to come back until you reach your destination called “The End”. Always is not your typical romance novel. Oh, there is plenty of romance, but it is romance that lasted 40 years. It is a beautiful love story between two people, who stood by each other, thru whatever problems they may have encountered, loved each other unconditionally, supported each other, discussed everything as a unit, and later as a family.
 I know some of you will say, “Oh, that stuff is not realistic, that is not real life”, but what if? What if you were one of the fortunate ones to have a love that lasted, literally, from the first moment of contact, till your lungs exhale for the last time. To find each other still attractive and sexy after 25, 30, 40 years. A love that will stand the test of time, which is on the front cover, by the way, wouldn’t that be exhilarating. In Always, you will experience these things thru Avery and Kane, you will laugh with them, cry with them and you’ll feel their connection on every level. Let’s start at the beginning:
Hmmm, the beginning is kind of the end. The story opens with present day events of Kane, waiting and pacing frantically, because Avery has been admitted to the hospital. He is very distraught, so his daughter, trying to distract him, wants Kane to tell her again how her two Dads met. The author will take you back to the beginning of their relationship. A relationship that will have you laughing and smiling, whooping and cheering, and crying, uncontrollable, gasping cries. Don’t let that scare you away though, because what you will take away, is definitely worthy of the box of tissues you WILL go thru.
At 18, when most young people are stepping out on their own, maybe going to college, or traveling abroad, Kane Dalton, has been kicked to the curb, turned away by his family, all because of his sexuality. Kane thought they would support him and stand behind him when he told them, but that was not the case, far from it. Being raised in the church, his father a Baptist minister, Kane was taught to feel insecure and fear what should have come so naturally to him. Sometimes, as the saying goes, “put out to pasture” will make a person reach deep within, gather strength and determination they didn’t even realize they had, and do incredible things with their life. That’s what happened to Kane. He did not do it alone, however, as he met some outstanding people that took him under their wing, taught him how to be the best he could be, sent him to school, taught him a craft that would later come to be his whole life and love. Kane, now owner and entrepreneur of his own restaurant, will soon meet his soul-mate, a mate that will come to mean more than anything in the world to him, even his precious restaurant, La Bella Luna.
Avery Adams, wealthy, influential in the political world, has been quite the play-boy. He likes the no-strings relationships that have kept him content, till now. Most people in his circle know of his sexuality, including his mother, who has always supported him. Being a descendant of the late President Adams, it has always been assumed that Avery would run for office, keeping the Adams name front and center within the political world. Avery even moves to a different state to start his campaign. Unbeknownst to him, his world and everything he knows, is about to change. All because of one man, Kane Dalton. Avery knows, as soon as he see him, he is the one. Now, just convincing Kane of his great revelation.
Kindle Alexander is at the top of her game in this story. The research that she must have taken on to write this is remarkable. I don’t know if all of her facts are correct, I didn’t check, nor am I going to, because as far as I am concerned, she made them real. Whether facts are true or not, Kindle has convinced me they are. The story was believable and that is part of what sucks me into a story. She has an incredible talent to take two MC’s, throw in some awesome friends, and create a story that not only is believable but has you soaking up the words like a sponge. This is fiction, a fantasy, chicken soup for the soul, and she makes you believe in Kane and Avery. You can have your dreams, have the love of your life and build your family at the same time.              
 Everything is not all roses, they have their problems as well. Kane’s family has been sucking the life out of him for many years and they continue to do so. Avery will not hide their relationship that some voters would wish for, therefore, causing conflict, within his campaign. Kane has trouble believing that their relationship is not against God. He has insecurities with taking the lead during sex. Avery, however, has no trouble being the front man and he shows Kane frequently. Sex has never been a problem for them, they have it every chance they get. It is HOT, and exciting. Sometimes, they may even take chances that could get them caught. Those are some fun times. But with fun times, also comes hardships.
 They have many obstacles to overcome. Real life problems get in the way and try to wreak havoc with their happiness. Kindle shows us, that together, most things can be overcome, or at least a suitable compromise. She shows thru the progression of this story, growth and maturity, and she is not afraid to take us on a journey, that others have feared. She introduces surrogacy and the trials and tribulations that go with it. It IS possible for a gay couple to have children of their own, to love and nurture, as they should be. As I stated earlier, this is a 40 year love affair, so many things happen overtime. The plot is tight and moves forward with the years that pass by. Dreams materialize and some fade, but Always, they do it as a couple, then as a family. This is such a beautiful, heart-wrenching story. Open your heart, believe, I think you will love it, Always.

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