The Boyfriend Mandate (The Boyfriend Chronicles) Book 2 by River Jaymes

The wait is over and was completely worth it forThe Boyfriend Mandate, by River Jaymes. If you have read the first book in this series, The Backup Boyfriend, then you will be familiar with Dr. Tyler Hall, ex to Alec and ex to Memphis Haines, stunt man, and underwear model. River Jaymes continues this series bringing us into the lives of Tyler and Memphis. They were boyfriends 10 years ago, in college, and according to Tyler, really had something. Or so he thought until Memphis walks away and never returns. Tyler has tried to put the past behind him and move on but it’s hard to do when he doesn’t understand what went wrong.
Things may have been a little easier to overlook for Tyler if Memphis wasn’t still just as gorgeous and sexy as he ever was. He still has the beautiful smile with dimples, tanned skin, and nicely cut muscles. Noah has made arrangements with Memphis to help with a commercial for the clinic. Tyler tries his best to get Memphis to forget the deal. Too many people are relying on his help so unfortunately Tyler will have to suck it up, for now. Surely he can be professional, do the deal, and walk away unscathed.
Walking away is not in the cards for Memphis. Not this time, not now when his life is literally up for grabs. Memphis has or had cancer, twice, and so far has beaten it both times. However, it’s always on his mind and always a concern that it will come back. He knows he should have trusted Tyler more when they were in college. He knows he should have been honest and told him the truth as to why he walked away. He took the coward’s way out but now he is going to do everything in his power to rectify that mistake.
Even though it was 10 years ago, Tyler was really hurt when Memphis never came back. He has carried that hurt with him all these years and after the catastrophe with Alec, he swore off any boyfriends he has already had. He’s also changed from the shy boy who followed Memphis anywhere. He knows what he wants and what he likes and he is more aggressive and not afraid to take what he wants. This only excited Memphis more and he loves seeing all of the new sides to Tyler. Taking the initiative and being dominant with Memphis for sex is a thrill both guys enjoy. They may have been apart for many years, but seeing each other again is bringing the testosterone levels to warp speed.
Before anything gets too far off the ground, Memphis has a lot of explaining to do. He also has an ex-wife which Tyler really has trouble wrapping his head around. It opens up many questions and he wants answers from Memphis. He just doesn’t know if he gets the answers, are they going to be what he wants to hear.
This was a fun, enjoyable read, and the sex is steamy hot. River has done a splendid job with Tyler and Memphis. The plot has many funny moments but it also has issues, serious issues that people face every day. She walks us through a day in the life of Tyler as he visits his patients on the streets. She really sheds a light on the homeless and how they face healthcare or lack of. Also, there are matters of cancer and issues that have to be faced and dealt with. If you’ve ever faced any of these things then you know that she handled it with great care.
There was the issue of Memphis being married before, to a woman, and even though they are now divorced I really didn’t learn how that came to be. My only wish would be that this was a little better explained. There is a small degree of anguish to work through and it’s a little stressful for a bit, as we wait for test results to come back. It was quickly established that this time they would be together for whatever cards they faced. Nobody would be walking away which was a great relief. Alec, Dylan, and even Noah are on the sidelines lending their help and wisdom to Tyler. Even if he doesn’t want it most of the time, they give it anyway.
Next up, will be Noah and Dr. Kyland Davis, Memphis’ oncologist. I will be waiting anxiously for their story. Noah has been a part of each book and so I feel like I know him pretty well. It will definitely be great addition to this series.