Sarge by Bey Deckard

 First thoughts… OMFG! I’m gonna throw this out there, too. I don’t like sci-fi. Or, I didn’t think I did. What I am quickly realizing, however, it doesn’t matter the setting or the fact that humans may not be completely human, it’s all about the author. How the author portrays the story, how the author uses detail and descriptions to draw you in. How the dialogue is so captivating that you literally cannot pour your coffee, because you would have to look away, and I needed a cup, desperately. But, I waited.
I started this short story when I first opened my eyes, and it’s still dark as I finish up the last words. I have not moved from my seat even though I really need too. The reason being is I was completely enamoured by Sarge and Murphy. They quickly took precedence over my morning routine.
I feel like I have lain in the trenches with these fellas as they fight a war that seems one-sided. It appears that whoever makes the big decisions have left these guys out in the desert, on their own, to figure out survival the best of their ability. As Sarge takes a hit that for most of us would be the end, thanks to Murphy’s quick thinking and determination, he prevails. He immediately starts to see something in Murphy that he likes, a lot. Something rare and beautiful.
Murph is someone you want on your side. He’s a big guy with an even bigger heart. He is very intelligent but kind of keeps all this to himself. His outer, very large, appearance gives nothing away to what his inner musings demand. And that is submitting to the Sarge for his pleasure, his wants, and his needs. The Sarge picks up on the little innuendos Murph displays like lowering his eyes or releasing a groan or sigh as the Sarge touches him.
They’ve been at war for 5 years, about 4 years longer than they should’ve been. Once the Sarge recovers from their last mission, they fall into a D/s partnership that brings them closer together. Sarge is a gruff, loud spoken, in your face, man who expects you to listen. He has to be to keep his men in line and alive. But what he shows to Murph in the confines of their bunker is warmth, praise, and affection. And Murph responds so quickly and obediently. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for this man that he now kneels to. When he looks up from his position and says, “Can I, Sarge?” – Right then you are telling yourself, breathe dammit, you need to be alert for what happens next.
Like my cock is a goddamned golden staff that he needs permission to put his lips around. I love it.
Holy hell, is it hot in here? Time out, I need to turn on the fan… Okay, I’m back. Just in time to read this:
I reach down to touch his brush cut and then let my thumb slide down the side of his jaw – just to let him know I’m pleased – and he looks up at me, mouth full of my cock and big blue eyes wide. I can’t help but think to myself that, shit, this is the goddamned life.
Really? This ain’t like no sci-fi I’ve ever seen. This is erotic with feelings that leap from the pages. Pages that you will be glued to and just like a sponge, you will be absorbing every single word.
This is a really short story, but it is packed full with so much detail and action. Even more incredible, there is a plot. A real, action packed, biting your fingernails, plot that will have you craving for more. The characters come alive on the page with so much depth and intrigue. You want to know these men and what keeps them awake at night. What soothes their soul and makes them purr. They are strong, intelligent, abrasive yet smooth and relaxed. When these two are together, you wouldn’t know calamity waits in the dark, watching and listening, to make her move and kill them all.
Please let there be more to this story. I would love to know, rather, I need to know what happens. The ending will have you stabbing your finger at your kindle for another page. There must be one more page here somewhere. I feel like I just heard the American radio broadcaster from my Dad’s time, Paul Harvey, say “stay tuned for the rest of the story.”
Well, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will be “the rest of the story.” It’s too good to not continue. Bey Deckard has already wowed me with his Baal’s Heart trilogy. He has already become an author that no matter the subject I will read, psssst sci-fi?? Yes, I will read sci-fi because I know it is going to be amazing.
Bey brings words to life and all of a sudden, you are not reading a story you are living these scenes with the characters. You are breathing as they breathe. You get angry when they are. You feel justified when Sarge dares anyone to ever make fun of Murphy again.
I feel the blood in my veins start to boil, and I’m staring like I could fucking kill them with my eyes. Watching Murphy on the battlefield is like being privy to a beautiful, goddamn work of art. Grace, deadly precision, not a wasted motion, not one damn LICK of hesitation or fear; he’s worth five of these fucking shitheels.
One last thing I want to say on this subject and that is Murphy is not the only one that has grace, deadly precision, nor a wasted motion. Bey Deckard has every one of those qualities when he puts words on paper, or laptop. He nails it EVERY FREAKIN TIME. And much like Sarge, I feel privy to be able to read stories, short or long, by this author who writes dialogue like it is a beautiful, goddamn work of art. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, you Sir…ROCK!!