Sacrificed: Heart beyond the Spires book 2 by Bey Deckard

 The second instalment of Baal’s Heart, Sacrificed: Heart Beyond the Spires, by Bey Deckard will grab your full attention just as much as the first novel Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas. Once again, Bey brings us a treasure full of intrigue, suspense, and overall magnetism you will be hard-pressed to set down before the end. Reuniting with the cast from Baal’s Heart feels like coming home to family and friends. Above all, you will be left breathless in its wake.

 The crew come together again to partake on a fool’s journey with Captain Baltsaros, Jon, and Tom, the captain’s first mate. Some new members will join the crew while some will stay behind. Tom’s on board even though he still carries hurt and confusion with the captain’s previous behaviour.  All trespasses may have been forgiven but they have not been forgotten.  Like a chronic ache, jealousy runs rampant through the captain’s mind. Jon is left with the task of trying to figure out how to close the gap between the three.

In Sacrificed, Jon has definitely grown up and has an abundance of maturity. He wears his feelings on his sleeve and seems surprised at the level he has for Tom. He’s no longer the shy, withdrawn, afraid of his own shadow, boy. He is a man not afraid to play with fire or take over the dominant lead when needed. Jon also realizes that he wants more than just stolen moments with the Captain and equally with Tom. Once a virgin to any and all sexual encounters, he is no longer afraid to ask or initiate to have his desires met. He is a beautiful soul. When he is in the height of his pleasure and desires, he is breath-taking.

 He struggles to understand what demons Baltsaros’ has in his mind that keeps him from trusting completely. Honesty will be something that Jon demands from both the Captain and Tom.  Once he has it he can’t help but wonder if maybe he was better off with lies.

Faced with moments of fear and terror, doubt will have no place aboard the Heart. Once they hit dry land Jon surprises everyone with his take charge attitude and his nerves of steel. As they scout through the market weary of enemies Jon hopes his gift will steer him in the right direction. Constantly on guard, unsure who is friend or foe, he will have to trust his instincts as well as the enemy. He just hopes that he has not made a mistake that will get them all killed.

Tom may be damaged on the outside, but his beauty comes from within. Being betrayed by the Captain hurt more than he lets on. When Jon and the Captain come looking for him, wanting him back, not only as first mate but with them in their bed, he has misgivings to the validity of their proposal. Needing time to figure things out he tries to stay clear from both men. He knows the Captain is jealous, but his connection and chemistry that keeps Jon coming to him is stronger than his fear. It’s going to be up to Baltsaros to prove his loyalty, and even his love, for Tom to feel at ease.

As they come closer to their destination, Devil’s Isle, Tom can’t help but wonder if this wasn’t a big mistake. The freezing temperatures and the ice they encounter will kill them all if they don’t act quickly. Losing crew members to the elements will require all hands on deck getting the Heart to dry land. Yet again, Tom is faced with nightmares from his past. Worry will settle upon his shoulders but it won’t do any good to let the others see. Trying to keep his mind on the here and now and one step ahead of the enemy will take all his concentration.

The Captain has hidden truths for so long he fears the repercussions once they are exposed. What he believes of himself and what others see are two different people. He realizes he must get a handle on his jealousy over Tom and Jon or he may lose them both. Once they make it past the spires and they set off on foot he has his own agenda to accomplish.  Being under the illusion that he is an evil man, he will go to great lengths to rid himself of the monster he believes lives inside of him. If Jon and/or Tom can’t get to him in time, he may have just signed his own death warrant. 

Seeing the Captain under great despair, at times, dazed and confused, Jon starts putting bits and pieces of past information together. Finally seeing a pattern for Baltsaros’ behaviour he has a plan to free the captain from his torment. They must make it back to Baal’s Heart before the plan can be carried out. Jon is a force to be reckoned with. He is smooth and graceful in his actions. He is a quick thinker always compensating to meet the needs of those around him. What’s in store for him next will take all of his skill and talents to succeed. With the captain and Tom by his side guiding him on their journey, lending their wisdom, brawn, and love, failure is not in the equation. It may seem as though nothing has changed, yet the truth is everything has changed.

What a roller coaster of a journey Bey Deckard takes us on with this instalment. As they travel the high seas in search of a destination unknown you will be thrust into action packed drama from the minute you open the page. This author continues to wow me from start to finish. It is painstakingly obvious the lengths he has taken to deliver such a detailed, precise story.  Every chapter is fever pitch keeping you exhausted with exhilaration. The Captain is leading the crew, and we, the readers, on a venture fraught with peril.  As more and more secrets are revealed the author will keep you on the edge of your seat. The storyline sucks you in with incredible fascination as you work your way through this captivating tale that travels across the open sea.

 The characters, whether old or new, will expose your senses with so much passion and delight, and sometimes extreme fear, you don’t want to let go. Many times I was caught up inside the minds and hearts of these amazing yet weary souls. When they felt turbulence I felt it as well. When they experienced joy and passion, I was smiling from ear to ear. When the three come together to reach for heights unknown, find their pleasure, it is stunning. Whether rough and hard, or slow and passionate, you will be enthralled as they lay down all misgivings and live in that moment.  Only wanting the best for the Captain, Jon, and Tom, you hang on by your fingernails as they wade through mayhem and destruction. You have no choice but to put your faith in their hands as they weed out the menace and seek the good.

 Honestly, I could go on and on, but instead of me rambling, my best advice is to read it for yourself. The plot, the dialogue, the characters will be some of the finest you will come across. I would challenge, anyone, to prove me wrong. This author has perfected his craft with much precision to detail. Open your imagination, your heart, and your mind. Get on board the Heart, let them take you to places unseen. It will be an experience you will forever remember.

 I am now feeling the effects of book hang over. But, knowing there will be more to come, more adventure to experience, more places to go and people to see, also gives me great pleasure and something to look forward to. Bey Deckard…you are amazing, Sir!!

I was given an ARC by the author in return for an honest review. This review will also be featured on MM Good Book Reviews. My sincere thanks to the author for this opportunity.