Past Hurts by Jessie G Sizzling Miami Series Book 1

 I love finding new authors and I love, even more, finding new authors that I immediately connect with. Jessie G fits both of those elements for me. By accident, I stumbled onto this book and I am so glad I did. Past Hurts (Sizzling Miami) Book #1, has many qualities that attract me to a story. There is an actual plot with interesting and intriguing dialogue. The characters are intelligent, sexy, and appealing. The chemistry between the MC’s is very palpable allowing you to vision the scenes. The plot is very believable but also lending a real life feel that, at times, will have you in goose bumps.
Detective Davin Monroe has skeletons in his closet. Currently working on a serial murder case, he comes face to face with one of those skeletons. Being called to assess the next murder victim has him going back in his past. A past he has never been able to get over. When he discovers he knows the victim, he suddenly has a lot of hurts and betrayals playing over in his mind. Being the lead detective, however, he still has a job to do. Right now he must face the parents and his once upon a time best friend and lover with the bad news that their son and brother has been murdered.
Being in their house and standing in front of a family that was closer than his own has Davin feeling very insecure and confused. He has missed them more than he could ever let on. Having them grab him in hugs and kisses puts turmoil in his heart. But, looking into the eyes of his once lover, Alaric, has him in a jumbled mess of nerves. He didn’t expect this type of reunion after 8 years of being apart. Knowing he is there under the worst of circumstances has him repeating a mantra of phrases in his head. Keep it together and be professional are two on the forefront of his mind.
Alaric has never stopped loving Davin. Wishing many times he had the nerve to pick up the phone and call him. In reality, losing that nerve each time to go through with it. Eight years ago, at the hands of his evil brother, Davin experienced a tragedy so heart wrenching and devastating, it destroyed their relationship. It would be several years after that Alaric would learn the truth of that torturous night. He has found out quite a bit since then and all of it makes him feel like scum. Not for Davin, but for what happened and the way he handled the situation. He should have been there for Davin. He should have sought him out and begged for his forgiveness. Now, Davin has come to them. It doesn’t matter the why of it only that he has. Alaric will not let him go a second time. He will do what he should have done years ago. Wondering whether Davin will be willing to give him another chance is a big concern for Alaric.
Seeing Alaric and his family again leaves Davin with many regrets. Even though they were young and didn’t really understand the depth of their relationship, Davin wants, NO he needs that back. Alaric was the Dom in their pairing with Davin being the submissive.  He misses what they had and since that fateful night he has not had anything even close since. He doesn’t date for fear of that haunting night making a comeback and throwing him into a panic. Alaric has always been the take charge personality and that has not changed. He will make Davin understand that he still wants him, still loves him, and still needs him. Together they will take it slow and rekindle what they once had. Together they will find the killer and maybe then Davin can finally have the life he has always wanted.
Jessie G is a very talented and skilful author. I enjoyed this book for many reasons. The storyline was very interesting with many twists that kept you guessing. There were a few times that I found myself holding my breath in fear of what was coming. The MC’s were strong, intelligent, and so passionate with each other. They were separated for 8 years. During those years, they both went through some horrifying moments. The author handled their reunion with great care. Even though sex was something they both wanted and cherished they also knew it was too early to approach that part of their relationship. Any sex they may have had was mostly off page. Normally, I like the sex scenes to take place on page where I can experience those moments with the characters. However, the author told such a detailed and formulated story, to have them jumping in bed at every turn would have cheapened their moments. They, also, have BDSM elements in their relationship. Again, not the focus of this story so if you fear those scenes, no need to worry. I thought it was outstanding the way it played out and will be eagerly awaiting the next book in this series. I recommend this to anyone who loves mystery, suspense, and two very sexy men who love each other and have off the charts chemistry.