Never the Perfect Moment by K-lee Klein

Never the Perfect Moment, by K-lee Klein, is another example of why she is one of my favourite authors. Every story I have read of hers, and this one is no different, shows a knack for fleshing out characters. She, easily, or so it appears, has an ability to relay her characters emotions with great depth of feeling. Her storylines always flow smoothly and she is never superfluous with her plots. This story is a very sweet, enjoyable read that will having you smiling more often than not.
Bryan Monroe and Chrys Delos have been partners on the police force for many years, but more than that they are best friends. Bryan has known for some time, although, admitting it is something he is having trouble with that he is in love with Chrys. Like most of us, thinking there is always tomorrow, he has put off doing anything about it. He has procrastination down to a skill.
Never has Bryan felt such fear and despair as he did when Chrys is shot while on duty. He stays by his side the whole time in the hospital and for those looking it’s very easy to see the love on his face, and fear.
Bryan was previously married and has a son. His ex-wife is a very smart and loving woman. She and Bryan still have an incredible relationship and are adamant they stay that way for their son. She has known for some time, or she suspects, that Bryan loves Chrys more than just friends. With her encouragement he finally takes the plunge.
Chrys has been in love with Bryan for a while. Realizing that it will never go anywhere he keeps it to himself. When Bryan finally lets his emotions come to the forefront and lets down his guard, Chrys is naturally shocked, but also ecstatic. Afraid to make any quick moves he lets Bryan kiss him.
They’ve wasted enough time and quickly take their relationship to where they both want it to go. Their personalities complement each other and the banter they share is contagious. Bryon’s son plays his part in helping the couple realize the potential for their love and it is so refreshing and uplifting. I love when children are included in the storyline. Their love is always genuine, their feelings are easily exposed and they don’t have a discriminatory bone in their little bodies.
Never the Perfect Moment is a short story just under 100 pages. It is the perfect combination of feel-good, heart-warming, and an overall refreshingly unique read. K-lee Klein always gives us tight, clean-cut prose with humour and laughter that will have you smiling through most of the story. I strongly recommend this to anyone who loves friends to lovers in the m/m genre. There are many reasons to love this story so my best advice is… buy this, sit back and be ready to be wowed.