Lab Rat's Love by Ana J Phoenix

 Ana J Phoenix is a new author to me, but that seldom factors in when I see a book of interest. When I saw Lab Rat’s Love and read the blurb it appealed to me and the story sounded very interesting. It didn’t hurt either that the cover is HOT. I turned back to it several times during the story.
In the beginning, it started out a little slow and I was concerned it wasn’t going to hold my interest. I stayed with it and the more I read the more it started coming together. The blurb refers to BDSM and it is present, but it’s mild. If you are one that is leery, or turns a book away for that reason, I think you would be more than fine here. The story starts out with more questions than answers.
The author puts the confusion into perspective pretty quickly giving you, the reader, a more in-depth look into the characters’ lives. You won’t be left for long wondering what just happened.
We meet Kane in the hospital saying good-bye to his best friend and co-owner/partner. We also meet Nex here saying good-bye to his twin brother. Neither one knew of the other so you can imagine what type of confusion they both must have been feeling. Especially since Styx, the brother and friend, had a close relationship with each. He had his reasons for keeping the two apart, at least in his own mind they were good reasons.
Unfortunately, Styx has been in an accident and doesn’t make it. This is in the blurb so hopefully this does not count as a spoiler. It’s important to mention him because even deceased he still manages to plot from the grave or get the last word. He’s also responsible in a roundabout way of bringing Kane and Nex together.
Nex doesn’t know what his brother is trying to prove but he has always been a mess with handling his life and nothing about that has changed. Before Styx passed away, he and Kane had been working on a sex chip. Since Nex has the same genes as his twin brother, Kane needs him now to run the experiment.

Needless to say, Nex is concerned about the proposal Kane has presented him. But, he is being given a chance to get his debts paid off and maybe get clean from drugs. He realizes he needs to take the offer. It’s the best one he has ever had. He would be stupid not to at least see what it’s all about. It doesn’t hurt that Kane is sexy and gorgeous and the experiment requires them to have sex together. Nex may not always make the best decisions but this one just seems like a no-brainer.
Kane was raised in the foster system the same as Nex. He doesn’t know what love is and if he is even capable of having it. He’s confused about his feelings he had with Styx. They were business partners and best friends. They never took it further other than friend’s w/benefits because they both were afraid they would mess each other up and lose their friendship.
Now, Kane is looking at Nex and trying to see him for himself and not his twin brother. The more time together the easier that becomes. Kane is a natural dominant and Nex is a natural sub. Kane likes to have control and pushing Nex in that direction seems to work for both of them. Their sex life is one thing they actually agree on and both feel good about. Trying to figure out how to love each other for themselves, not who they try to be, is taking some patience and time. Will Kane finally realize Nex is not his twin brother? Will Nex learn to trust Kane not only with his body but also with his heart? It’s definitely worth the read to find out.
Ana J Phoenix has written a story that is original and refreshing. She puts her characters through their paces, makes them work for what they want, it’s not all fun and games, and they have a stronger relationship for it. Kane and Nex are very interesting people, both lost out on a loving childhood, but they are not going to let that interfere with their wants and needs. The guys have a great sense of humour and you will find yourself laughing throughout the story. This author is definitely one that I would read again.
I would also recommend it to others who love this genre and love to see the good guys win.