For A Reason by Jessie G Sizzling Miami Book 2

First of all, I need to say… I LOVED THIS BOOK! For a Reason, by Jessie G is the second instalment in her Sizzling Miami series. It definitely can be read as a stand-alone but if you have the opportunity to read the first, I recommend it as well. This book has so many good qualities. Jessie G has become an author that I will follow from now on. All day, as I read, I was completely entrenched in the story. When real life got in the way I hurried back as fast as I could.
This is an amazing story about survival, strength, perseverance, and love. You will experience many emotions as you read the trials and tribulations of these stand up characters. I went through moments of real anger at the events taking place. Then it was so much compassion for the situation. A lot of the time there was laughter and smiling from ear to ear. Toward the end, I was crying like a baby. I was trying to catch my tears and not let on as hubby watched the ball game across from me.
This story is about Ian, a young man twenty-five years old, who has lived a horrendous life. Found in a dumpster, only a few days old, would set the path for him until he became an adult. Passed from one foster home to another he never knew love. He never knew the small things that we take for granted such as a hug, kiss on the cheek, or a touch on the arm. He has only known pain, rejection, ridicule, and turmoil. Determined at a young age to make a better life for himself when he aged out of the system he focused on his schoolwork.
With a full scholarship he takes off to college hoping a degree will get him security and financial stability. With the economy struggling, finding a good paying job was something that soon took a back seat. Tired of flipping burgers and living in roach infested motels he sets off hoping for better prospects. He doesn’t get too far on his journey before his car breaks down and he has to call a tow truck.
Bull Connor is a big, muscled, tattooed man that most people fear and cower to. When he pulls up in his tow truck he knows there is something special about this young man. Even though Ian is considerably smaller in height and frame he holds his head up high and doesn’t back down. Bull is immediately impressed and also attracted to the redhead. Upon delivering his car he is appalled with the living conditions. Refusing to let him stay another minute he has no qualms telling him to pack his stuff.  He is going back with him to his house, no arguments.
Luckily, he has the extra room and also a job he offers to Ian. Of course you can imagine how that goes over but left with no choice, as far as he sees, Ian goes with him. Bull has always stepped up and tried to take care of others. He has his reasons for doing this but he also enjoys helping people. If he can convince Ian to accept his help and believe he’s not treating him as a charity case they will be a good team.
Bull is a passionate and caring man. He’s touchy feely and lets Ian know that he is attracted to him. He helps so many people including his siblings that Ian doesn’t want to add to his burden. Bull has nightmares sometimes from his marine days and Ian realizes that they both just may need each other. As they build on their relationship sex is something they both want. Ian is a virgin in every way possible.
 As he explores these new feelings, and touches another man for the first time, it is beautiful to witness. He is innocent and cautious as he stumbles his way in the bedroom. He is very expressive with his wants and needs and Bull is very patient as he learns his way. To see Ian gain confidence and strength was very heart warming. Bull is a dominant lover and Ian falls into a submissive role very naturally. It works for them and it is amazing as it plays out. Their chemistry and connection creates a powerful bond causing a little jealousy amongst their peers.
There are so many things going on in this story. As each layer unfolds your emotions will be exposed for anyone who looks. This author has real talent and skill keeping your attention. Her prose is beautiful and so full of heart. The plot is refreshing and unique. The dialogue is packed full of laughter but also sincerity. The MC’s are at the forefront leaving no doubt to anyone what is happening between them. The background characters are just as strong and have their own special message to get across.
Jessie has written such a beautiful story with so much passion and understanding you just need to read it. There are many layers to work through and uncover and they do so with incredible strength. The pain is so palpable at times you feel the hurt they are feeling.  They put so much trust in each other and are so up front with their wants and needs. At its core, this is a real love story. I am thrilled that I got to read this and you will too. It’s not always easy to pick up a book and be completely immersed from start to finish. I can honestly say that I was glued to every page. Don’t miss out on this beautiful, heart breaking, story of redemption that will take you from laughter to tears and back again. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS STORY.