Blue Moon ll - This Is Reality

A.E. Via has done it once again with her newest release, Blue Moon ll – This Is Reality. If you were fortunate enough to have read her first in this series, Blue Moon – Too Good to Be True, then you have already been introduced to some of the characters here. This is the story of The Beastmasters. They bring their team back together, one more time, for what they hope to be their final mission. The Beastmasters have the finest of the fine, and the bests of the best that are Navy Seals. Along with the DEA, their mission will be to flush out some of the worst criminals they have ever known.
Pierce, also known as Backhander, is DEA. He is the best when it comes to his role and always has everyone’s attention. But more than anyone, he has Hawk’s attention. Hawk, known as the seer, is a Navy Seal. Not only can his visions give him insight with what is to come, he sees himself with Pierce. He’s not sure how it will come to pass considering Pierce looks at him with disgust and contempt. Hawk is not about to let that sway him. He has a plan and he intends to put it in action. He’s pretty sure he knows the way to Pierce’s heart. Can he remain patient and calm to implement his plan will be the question. Pierce has a few secrets, as well. He has always been attracted to the muscled, take charge male. Deep down Hawk does things to him that leave him unsettled. Admitting his attraction, however, will take guts. He just hopes he can go through with it when the time comes.
Among the Seals, Shot and Fox, have always been best friends. They have been bed buddies for a long time even though Shot won’t stay in his bed all-night.  This bothers Fox more than he lets on. He has fallen in love with Shot but knows it won’t go anywhere. When Fox expresses his feelings, explaining how he really feels and what he wants, he becomes ill with regret. He knew Shot didn’t want any commitments. Being face to face with that acknowledgment is hurting more than he could have prepared for. What Fox doesn’t know, however, Shot feels more than he cares to admit. He has his own reasons for not committing to their relationship. When trouble catches up to them and they get caught in the crossfire, will it be too late for their true feelings to be heard? They may be Navy Seals, but admitting to love just may be the hardest mission they have ever encountered. Hopefully, it’s not too late and they still have time.
A.E. Via has put together a novel that includes several characters. You have the main characters, as mentioned above, but also, the rest of the Beastmasters are there lending support and strength where needed. They are not just filling but are important to the plot. The most mysterious of the characters that have much to add are Alpha and his brother, Omega. They are an enigma, and with their cloaks and hoods hiding their faces, certainly leaves you questioning their sincerity. Not sure if they can be trusted or if they are there to deceive has you on the edge of your seat. The story is divided into three parts with each chapter referencing the person who is talking. Because it’s laid out like this you are aware of who the speaker is and where the story is going. With so many characters and different titles, it would be easy to get lost. With this outline, I never felt left behind or confused within the storyline.
One of the many things I really like about this author’s writing style, there is always a well thought out plot. The dialogue is exciting and intense. She weaves a real mystery with lots of intense scenes that have you constantly guessing. She is extremely good at sex scenes. They are erotic but with lots of passion that will leave you breathless. Her characters don’t jump into bed immediately. They have chemistry and they have a connection. They build on those two things during the storyline and when the time is right, they become lovers. And it is HOT, very hot.
This is the second book in the Blue Moon series. However, it can be a stand-alone if you want to read it first. For me, I like to read in order. It gives me great pleasure to start a new book and be able to get little bits of information about past characters. To have parts of their lives folded into the new plot is always very exciting. Angel and Max, from Book 01, show up for a visit and it was great to see they are still in love and their passion has not wavered.
AE Via has written a gripping, suspenseful tale with lots of action. Not just man action but with real life or death consequences these men face every time they take on a new mission. The struggles they encounter and the fears they conquer will have you pulling your hair and chewing your fingernails. This was an amazing continuation of Blue Moon and gave us much insight into the worlds of these strong and caring men known as the Beastmasters. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves m/m with suspenseful action and dialogue that will suck you into the story for the duration.