The Bucket List by Douglas Black

Review: Douglas Black was a brand new author for me. Picking up The Bucket List was a good move on my part. Not being familiar with the author, or his writing style, I was only too eager to get started. It wasn’t long into the story that I knew I had a winner. I thoroughly enjoyed the story from start to finish. It was refreshing with lots of humour and a plot that pulled you in for the duration.
Kade has just recently become single again after being with the same partner for 8 years. To say he was shocked when it ended, abruptly, would be putting it mildly. He hadn’t realized how much his life was every day routine with no variation. His friends take matters into their own hands and write Kade a bucket list. They are trying to get him exposed to new surroundings. Lighten up his mood and maybe have a good time while doing it. The bad thing for Kade, his friends pick things he wouldn’t do in a million years. Being alone, nothing better to do, he decides to visit an Asian supermarket. It’s on the list, sort of, close enough for him. What could it hurt to go in and check it out?
The supermarket is nothing like Kade assumed it would be. As he strolls through the aisles making his selections, he notices a tall, blond, gorgeous man. Maybe it was not such a bad idea going there after all. He gets bold, for him, and winks at the guy as he goes around to the next aisle. That wink is all Blake needs to pursue his conquest.
And pursue he does. Dinner arrangements are made, a spark and connection is formed and the guys can’t seem to get enough of each other. Kade doesn’t have the guts to admit to Blake how boring his life really is. So when Blake suggests doing some of the things on his list, Kade lies about his previous adventures. Their chemistry will have you smiling from ear to ear. Blake is an easygoing guy who really likes Kade. He wants to do things for him, cook for him, and he finds himself falling fast. Of course, just when things seem to be going smoothly, the ex drops the bomb that he has been having second thoughts.
Completely taken back by Kade’s reaction pushes the ex into showing his true colors. It doesn’t take much for Blake to see what a jerk this guy is. He may need to have a little one on one. Kade is not too keen on that idea, but Blake gets it done, regardless. It’s time that Kade comes clean with Blake. Will Blake drop him at the nearest intersection or stick with him for the long-term?
Douglas Black is an incredible author that I am so happy I came across. This story has an interesting plot that keeps you invested. It’s not an overly long story. However, there is a lot of detail and information inside. The author does an amazing job of getting the story off the ground and keeping you there. I really enjoyed the banter between the guys, the friends, and laughed aloud on more than one occasion. The sex is hot, passionate, and emotion is definitely felt.
The character growth was evident and there was always an undercurrent of feelings playing out on the pages. This is a feel good story with two hot, sexy, and intriguing characters. I will definitely be looking at the other titles in this author’s backlist and would not hesitate to read his next book.