Summer Son by Anna Martin

 If you are familiar with Anna Martin then you know what an outstanding author she is. I’ve read several of her previous titles and have loved them all. Summer Son is a little different from what I have read in the past, from her, which is a good thing. I like to read different stories by the same author when they have more than one style to choose from. This, in my opinion, certainly fit within that guideline. The story takes off rather fast and it’s not long into it before a love connection is in the works.
Ellis is raising his son, Harrison, by himself and quite honestly is a little overwhelmed. Raising a child single-handed was not something he had anticipated. He and his husband, of three years, decided together to start a family. They even went as far as not knowing which one was the biological father because what would that information provide? They would both love their child unconditionally.
Well, that was how it was supposed to work. Ellis, now a divorced single dad, works from home in order to provide the best care to his son that he can. This, of course, leaves no time for socializing or having a fun night of his own. Leave it to his friends to take matters into their own hands. A night has been arranged, babysitter lined up, and Ellis finds himself mingling and having a good time. When a new fella joins the party, Ellis is very intrigued.
Zane is a fun-loving very charismatic young man. He loves hanging out with his friends, he loves his job, and he would love to get to know the guy across from him called Ellis. He’s not there long before introductions are made and right away he is interested. They both are interested in each other and spend their time, equally, together. The more Ellis learns about Zane the more he is captivated by his strong appeal. In Ellis’s mind Zane has his act together plus he works with kids and that pretty much seals the deal for Ellis. The guys move along pretty quickly in forming their connection.
I would probably consider this insta-love if that is important to others. For me, I like characters that know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it. I get bored quickly in a story when trouble brews through the biggest part of the story before the first kiss has ever happened. Luckily, that is not the case here. They are attracted to each other so why not act on it.
The guys have great chemistry and they move their relationship to the next level. They both realize they are moving fast but it feels right. Zane moves in with Ellis and things are running smoothly. That IS until the ex wants back into Ellis’s life. Unfortunately, Zane has a bit of trouble following him from his old life and it appears it may be following him now, in his new life. Ellis’s ex-husband is very vindictive when things don’t work his way so he causes trouble for the new lovebirds. Will they find their happy after anyway? Or does the ex stir the pot too much and create trouble they can’t escape from? It is worth your time to read Summer Son and find out. This is a fast paced novel that will keep you glued to the pages.
Anna Martin has successfully produced another winner for me. It’s not as hard-core as others I have read and dearly loved from her but it wasn’t warranted here in this story. This is a feel good story with chemistry that ignites from the pages and the dialog is quick and intriguing. This author certainly knows how to pull the reader in and keep you invested from start to finish. Anna Martin is one that I will always read without putting too much thought behind what the story is. I know if her name is attached then it is going to be a great read.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves mm and romance and what we all want, a happy ever after.