Outing the Quarterback by Tara Lain

Review: I have been a fan of Tara Lain for quite a while. When Outing the Quarterback showed up I was extremely excited. Getting a new story from Ms. Lain is always a nice surprise. Also, football was involved and that only added to the appeal for me. I am familiar with the writing style of this author. She has a big precedence for happy endings, and her overall knack for nailing a story is spot on. This one did not disappoint and IMO, she scored a touchdown bringing me much enjoyment from start to finish.
As the blurb accurately describes the story, we are introduced quickly to Will, who is a star football player. He lives his days trying to please his father. Always has the girl on his arm and is studying business like his Dad wants. But, what he wants is to be a painter. He is really good at it, which pulls him that much more into finding any way possible to make it his reality.
He is gay, has known he is gay for several years. Even though he dates and keeps a steady girlfriend, the girls cannot give him what he needs so desperately. He has been paying a prostitute to meet him in a bathroom, near the park, so he can get some much needed release. He knows this will more than likely blow up in his face but he needs this. Also, on the down low he is taking painting classes on the side. He is hoping he may win a scholarship, which would cover his tuition, therefore, allowing him to break away from his father.
On the complete opposite side of the track is Noah. He has also applied for the same scholarship as Will. He has no family to fall back on. He was in the foster care program for years leaving no one to help him except himself. He works more than one job to be able to pay his rent and his tuition. He has been spending some time with the professor of the class but has reservations about it. The professor makes it quite clear he wants to pursue Noah and take him to bed.
Noah, on the other hand, is afraid what may happen in regards to the scholarship if someone found out. Or, more importantly, if things didn’t work between them. Continually refusing his advances is only getting harder for Noah, and it’s not making the professor very happy either.
When Will and Noah come face to face in class, there is an immediate connection. He thinks Noah is the most beautiful person he has ever seen, and he may have said that loud enough for everyone to hear, including Noah. Will tries hard to get to know his infatuation, but Noah is not so free with his time or his patience. He recognizes immediately that Will is from the upper side of town and that he is a jock. His nickname for Will is Jockoid, which is pretty funny. He is, however, interested in having a little fun with Will, in the bedroom.
No way could anything ever work between them as they have too many differences. Plagued by another problem he still has no solution for and that is the Professor. Noah has worked long and hard to pay for school and get his education. He will not let anyone come between his goals. He has learned Will has also applied for the scholarship and that worries him. He’s worried because Will is actually someone who could take away his chances at winning because he is that good.
As Noah juggles his school, work, and suitors, he may realize too late that the professor is not happy about Will. What that means for either one of them, he doesn’t know. It’s not looking good, and that just won’t work.
This story is so funny and had me laughing aloud in a few places. The storyline is one that always pulls my attention and the author definitely had it with this one. The two MC’s exhibit some wonderful qualities and they both seem to mature as the storyline unfolds. The author gave each one a voice and together or apart, I connected with both of them. The issues they faced are issues that so many people face today. So, not only could this be real, but also she puts a lot of emphasis on the dialogue setting you in the scene. You find yourself cheering both boys on.
The story moved along at a fast pace keeping me glued to the pages from start to finish. Smiling from ear to ear on many occasions helped to keep me grounded never losing interest within the story. When Will and Noah take off to the bedroom, they have incredible chemistry. Their sexual encounters are not only passionate, hot, and sexy, but there is humour, which, for me, is a big plus.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone because it’s fun, it’s fast paced, the sex is very hot, and the storyline flows effortlessly. This is not my first book from Ms. Lane and this story only cements her works even further into my psyche that says to me, Get this, must read.