Last Chance Tattoo by Karenna Colcroft

Review: Last Chance Tattoo by Karenna Colcroft is an uplifting, encouraging, story that follows along with real life situations. This is a new author for me but that did not hinder my decision to give this book a try. I’m so glad I did because it is a beautiful story centered on a beautiful soul. This is a story that does not rush to feel the pages with sex scenes. They do have sex and it is quite good when they do, however, it happened when the story called for it.
This, also, is a story about commitment and trust. One character may be committing to a partner no longer living but he feels compelled to keep their trust. Another may be committing to a grandmother who, when everyone else fails him, she stands tall by his side.
Rad left home five years ago when his family turned against him after discovering his sexuality. His grandmother was the only family member to provide unconditional love to Rad, but thank goodness, she did. He’s very disappointed in himself because even with his grandmother’s help, he wasn’t able to make it in the big city on his own. So, he does the only thing he can, he comes home. Even though grandma supports him and loves him dearly, she too, is not too keen in causing an uprising between family members. However, with her help and dedication to Rad, a family meeting is about to come together. They will accept him, love him, respect him, or grandma will be laying down some new rules.
Trying to stay out from under the feet of dear grandmother, Rad spends a lot of time exploring, walking, and taking in the scene that he hasn’t been a part of for the last few years. He stumbles on a new tattoo shop so while hiding from his brother across the road, Rad goes in.
Dorsey lost his true love 3 years ago and has not had a partner since. He came to this new town for a change of scenery and a new life. When a young man comes stumbling into his shop one day he’s not sure what to think. He finds him attractive immediately but wages war within himself that he may be cheating even though his partner is deceased. Rad and Dorsey hit it off quickly and form a friendship. They neither one have any friends so they could really benefit from their new bond.
Rad is a virgin in almost every way. He is shy and clumsy when trying to put on the moves and worries that Dorsey may not feel the same. Both the guys have a solid connection and it’s not long until their chemistry is firing on all cylinders. They share a kiss in the shop but oh, how Rad wants to take it further. Meanwhile, he doesn’t have a clue that Dorsey, also, would like to take it further if he could quit obsessing over a man who is no longer living.
While Rad is working on forming a stronger connection with Dorsey, grandmother is home rallying the troops for a family meet and greet dinner. Rad is very worried because he knows what they are like. His parents and siblings haven’t spoken to him since he left years back, he is not real hopeful that their feelings have changed. He even considers leaving again because he doesn’t want to put his grandma in this position. But leaving again would also mean leaving Dorsey. Does he really want to do that, now, that he just found him? If that is what happens, will Dorsey fight for him to stay? Or, will he let the best thing that has happened to him in over 3 years drive away without a fight?
Karenna Colcroft has written an enjoyable, engaging story about a problem, that too many face right now in their everyday lives. Every day, it seems, there is a news report about a young gay teen being evicted from their own homes. Their family members kicking them out on the streets with only the clothes on their backs. It is heart breaking and an emotional roller coaster to see this happen time and time again.
Ms. Colcroft has not cut any corners in telling Rad’s story. He has faced abuse and resentment from every person he grew up with. No concern for his well-being or the emotional toll and turmoil he was up against. All except for his grandmother, love her heart. The author, quite beautifully, tells Rad and Dorsey’s story and allows it to unfold at its own pace. When the guys want to take their attraction to the next level, they do so, but only when they are ready.
No one including we, the readers, are being rushed into scenes that only move the story forward. The character growth is inspiring to witness as both fellas find more than they ever thought possible, within the arms of each other. While there are some areas hard to read, there are many others that will keep a smile on your face.
This is a true feel good story that I would recommend to anyone to read.