Full Disclosure by Kindle Alexander


 I think it is safe to say that every single person who loves Kindle Alexander has been waiting patiently, or not, for this book the minute we finished reading Double Full, the 1st book in the Nice Guys series. I knew Mitch was coming. I knew he would be next to tell his story. What I didn’t know was how much he was going to make me smile and how much I was going to fall in love with him.
Kindle has a very unique writing style. She has a way of putting emotions on a page that will wrap around your heart for the duration. She has a way of pulling you inside the story. Sometimes, you may sit back quietly and observe, but most of the time you are a full, out loud and proud, cheerleader. Whether you realize or not, expressing your own feelings cannot be contained. Others question your behaviour. They want to know what is so funny, why do you keep smiling over there behind that reader? Why are you crying?
There is no simple answer for those who have no clue. It’s an obsession, always needing more, one is not enough. You are racing to the finish to see what happens, and at the same time, you don’t want to start because it may be over before you are ready to leave it behind. Once it’s in your hand, the pull is magnetic, no holds barred, going in guns blazing. Everyone stay back and leave me alone, it’s here, and it’s mine.
We were introduced to Mitch in Double Full. If you remember, heh…..of course you remember, Mitch is the son of Dr. Knox, Doctor and long-time friend of Colt. He has been working the case for months now, trying to find who or what is/was behind the murders, including Colt’s near death experience, at the hands of these evil human beings. He is having a hard time getting a lucky break. His department doesn’t want to lend man hours towards something. They feel does not warrant that type of coverage, for now.
That doesn’t stop whoever is killing innocent people, they continue, no doubt, thinking they are free and clear. With their next move, they messed up. Perhaps riding their cockiness too far, they left a witness. He should have died, was supposed to die. He didn’t die. He came very close though and unfortunately, for the investigation, he can’t remember. Mitch has been called in to consult. Finally, everyone is taking this mayhem seriously. Hopefully, they will find their killer before anyone else falls victim to their evil ways.
In a different department, in a completely different state, Texas State Trooper, Cody Turner is celebrating. Finally, a life- long dream of being a Texas Ranger is happening. Being forced to take a vacation before the new job, Cody decides to have a drink or two, in celebration of his hard work paying off. Who knows, maybe even find someone to share his bed for the night. About to give up on finding a sex buddy he happens to look up and see the sexiest man he has ever laid eyes upon, standing in front of him. Tats everywhere, muscles bulging, and dimples that will mesmerize you.
Completely enamoured, Cody gets a little tongue-tied. His shyness is working overtime, and a blush has covered his face. In a familiar move, he reaches up and pulls down his baseball hat in an effort to conceal his expressions. Just the opposite, thank goodness, Mitch has no trouble expressing his wants. And he wants Cody, refuses to take NO for an answer and pulls him to the dance floor. Unfortunately, this night will not go as planned. Mitch has a deep desire running through his blood and it has everything to do with Cody Turner. But first, duty calls, and walking away is one of the hardest things Mitch has ever done.
Pursuing Cody is one of the highlights in Mitch’s life right now. Working the investigation, devoting all his hours to the search, leaves little time to get to know Cody or spend any time with him. Coming up with ways to talk and relieve some stress, has been a challenge for Mitch. Mainly getting Cody to relax enough to be a willing participant has Mitch exposing himself In more ways than one. Instigating phone sex or show me yours, I’ll show you mine over Skype will have to work for now. It’s not long before Cody is shouting Mitch’s name by way of cybersex and it is so very hot and sexy.
Mitch and Cody realize they have a connection. Their chemistry is off the charts, and for the first time, maybe ever, Mitch wants to share his life and bed with someone permanently. He is falling fast for Cody, and all of sudden he realizes the job is not as important as it used to be. Does Cody feel the same way? Is he looking for a commitment or just a little fun under the sheets?
Mitch is a strong-willed, hardheaded man. It’s not part of his gene pool to let the chips lay where they fall. Nope, he wants Cody and Cody he will have. Watching him implement his plan will have you smiling from ear to ear. They share so much passion and emotion when they are together. The sex is hot, fierce, wicked, and best of all, plentiful. One minute they are going at it rough, hard and fast. The next minute, they will be slow, smooth, and passionate. It’s no longer just sex, they are making love. It is beautiful to witness, and brings so much joy to you, the reader. They are going to make it work, they have too. The pleasure is intense, the feelings are real.
Leaving Cody behind to head back to his job is testing Mitch’s strength and composure. Cody has blind-sided him with feelings he didn’t know he had. Mitch is closing in on the suspect but what happens if Cody is now in the line of fire? Never, ever did Mitch think his own family or loved ones were in the face of danger. Is it possible Mitch could have made the biggest mistake of his life and career? Has he put Cody in harm’s way? Be prepared to hold on to the edge of your seat.
As your knuckles turn white from holding on so tight and tears fall from your eyes, will evil prevail or will Mitch be the knight in shining armour? It’s a race, fellow Kindle lovers, and all I can say is hold on tight because the ride is swift. The experience is powerful, the journey is mind blowing. You will not be the same when you finish. Other books no longer compare. It is worth the ride because even though the mountains are high, and the valleys are low, once it straightens out, WOW, so SO beautiful.
Thank you Kindle Alexander for another gift of the heart. From your heart to ours, we will cherish it forever. In Double Full, we played football. In Full Disclosure, we must be playing baseball. Kindle Alexander has just hit a home run as she knocks this one out of the park.