Lavender Rose by Theo Fenraven

Lavender Rose by Theo Fenraven is a novella that will have you smiling in no time. The main characters are funny, down to earth, every day people you meet in the real world. Experiencing marital problems and figuring out how to best deal with the situation he now find himself in, Malcolm heads down the highway with no destination in mind. Since he seems to be finding only bad luck these days, he shouldn't be surprised when his car breaks down. Thankful for whatever good luck he can get, he sees a fancy resort in the distance and takes off on foot.

Tristan, overseer of well.....everything, sees Malcolm come through the doors and is hoping he is there for a job. After one of his employees just up and left he has more than he can keep up with. Of course Malcolm doesn't have a clue what he is talking about but did he say JOB? He could really use the money along with a roof over his head and place to lay down at night. His luck just may be changing for the better. Now if he can work out something to get his car fixed, staying here for awhile may be just his answer.

The Lavender Rose is a gay resort where the customers are treated like royalty. As Tristan and Malcolm, also known as Mal, work together to take care of the customers and the needs of the resort, they begin to form an attachment. Mal is pretty much a virgin when it comes to male male love and romance. Getting busted by his father in law for kissing another man only put fire under his feet to get out of a bad marriage and hit the road. But, now that he is here, he realizes he wants romance and he wants it with Tristan. Once they work out some fraternization issues they don't waste anytime getting to know each other intimately. Admitting to himself he is gay is a freedom Mal didn't realize he needed. He is much happier and he wants to build on that happiness with Tristan. They will experience a few bumps in the road, a scary altercation between Tristan and his father, but they work together to overcome any obstacles.

Theo is an incredible author who can tell a story that will have you clinging to every word. His writing style is one few can compete with. He always has amazing detail and descriptions that allow you to be in the moment. You easily forget that other things are going on around you as you read his books. He never, or that I've seen anyway, writes a story that includes monotonous sex scenes. He doesn't have to because you can tell how the characters feel,and their emotions they go through. What he does put on the page is enough to set the scene for what is going on off page and you never question what happened. He will easily captivate you as you become invested in the important parts, the story itself.

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