Readers stepping "Out of Bounds" or best known as Trolls

This is what trolls on Goodreads do. They gather a few allies and sit around adding fuel to flames in order to produce a huge fire. Down below is what these trolls will look like if we don't encourage them or fall in their traps of deception and filth.

I consider myself a very loyal, passionate reader. I read a lot of books and within those books are a lot of variance and diversity. I read something this morning, that quite frankly, pisses me off, and secondly, just floors my comprehension. A very well-known and respected author, in the M/M genre, posted a teaser a few days ago on his blog. This teaser was a line or two from his WIP on a novel NOT even finished yet. It is the third novel in his series and it sounds like it is going to blow us away.(In the best possible way) Notice I said NOT even finished yet, and also, anyone in the book world should know WIP means work in progress, as in NOT finished. So why then did a reader post his cover pic and his teaser on Goodreads and rate it at a "1" star? Really? I am having such a hard time believing the audacity of some people. What gives those people the right, more importantly I think, WHO gave them the right to do such a LOW DOWN DIRTY maneuver? And....if that wasn't bad enough, this post has several comments following it with their ugly vitriol as well.

I have a few friends that are authors. Not author friends, but friends who are amazing writers.I would hope at the end of the day that we have a little bit in common besides books. Books are, however, what brought us together in the first place, and because of that, they hold even more of a special place in my heart. But, even being friends, I would never, never tell an author how to write their books. This is their baby, they hold close to their heart, they treasure the contents, and they know best what and how their characters will behave. I don't hear those characters, they don't keep me up at night, they don't pester me thru the day. So how can I make an accurate assessment on something I know nothing about? I can't nor would I try. Only once have I given my input on a storyline and that is because they ask for my opinion. You either connect with the book you are reading or you don't. If you don't, there are millions out there to choose from, pick something else. It is not within your rights or your power to dictate to an author how they write their story. To make false judgement on only a teaser, is not only wrong it is ludicrous.

It is taking everything I have NOT to go over to Goodreads and post my displeasure on this post. To tell these trolls how stupid and utterly distasteful they are being. I still may, but right now I am holding off, writing it here instead, and trying very hard not be pulled in by their stupidity. I feel if I give in (cause I really want too) I may be giving them undue satisfaction. Obviously, they started a negative post in order to get response and the more to add fuel to their fire, the better. I am hoping, by staying away, their flames will dwindle so low that even a tiny spark can not be ignited. I admire and respect authors who have a gift and a talent to write stories that grab you as a reader and pull you in so far that real life doesn't even exist. But, at the end of the day, or the end of the story, we, the readers, can not forget that authors are human beings, first and foremost. If you are up on your high horse and feel you have the right to spout nonsense and voice your disgust, you need to hop down. I can guarantee, you will be trampled,
by loyal, devoted fans, who will take and drool over any and every word and situation that our friends as authors give us.

To the trolls on have stepped out of bounds, exceeded your pay grade, and have unleashed your worst nightmare. Loyal/Devoted/Passionate readers!! That is all!!