Strawberries & Cream (Hotel Cupid) #1

Strawberries & Cream by Sage Marlowe is the first in a new series titled Hotel Cupid. This is a novella with approx 105 pages, but within those pages you will find everything you need. I read this in the early morning hours while everyone around me was still sleeping. Sage Marlowe is not a new author to me, in fact he is one I go to frequently. His stories always offer a tight, clean prose with great characters. Having said that, this story went in a different direction than what I normally read from him, but I enjoyed immensely.

Already an established couple when the story takes off, Ross and Sebastian, are as different as night and day. You know right away you are going to love Sebastian, unfortunately the same does not hold true for Ross. He is a jerk most of the time, and realizing this makes me sound 12 years old, he is a meanie. He doesn't seem to like anything much about Sebastian, so you can't help but wonder why they are even together.

They are on their way to visit Ross' parents when they come into horrible weather. Since the road is no longer visible, they decide to stay the night at a hotel they just passed on the coast of Scotland. Luckily, finding a room available will not be an issue since it appears they are the only guests. The only other person at the hotel is Aengus, an older gentleman that does everything at the hotel including having a keen sense to know everything about his visitors.
He is very attentive to their needs and even though Ross and Sebastian have no clue, Aengus is working his charm in the form of Strawberries & Cream making them see what is right in front of them. If you believe in love and fate, you could easily believe this is the reason they reevaluate their relationship instead of paranormal activity. It's not long before Ross is apologizing to Sebastian for his behavior, and they finally talk out things that give them each a clearer picture. Being lovers was never their problem so Ross quickly turns to sex in order to make up with Sebastian. Being such a forgiving soul, he is only too eager to please his partner. When they get back on the road to continue their journey, cupid feels quite proud of his accomplishments. Finally at the parents, they try to share their adventure only something strange is happening. But, but...what do you mean there is no hotel?

This is a sweet loving story where two people may be the opposite but they fit together well. They just need a little help in the form of a very kind man making them realize what attracted them to each other to begin with. Normally, I gravitate away from paranormal stories, however, knowing the authors writing style and his incredible talent for storytelling, I felt confidant that I would enjoy this story. I not only enjoyed it but will be following along with the series to see who Cupid works his magic on next. I don't know who will enter the walls of Hotel Cupid in the future but I do know that it will be a fantastic story. If you like romance with a little cupid at play, then this is the story for you.