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Wolf Bound by Theo Fenraven

Wolf Bound by Theo Fenraven

I've sat on this a few days trying to get my thoughts in order.  I hope this doesn't sound silly or in the opposite direction, crazy. But.....this is the way I feel, so I'm going to put it out there. When I read a book by Theo Fenraven, I feel like the expression, A Fly on the Wall. I literally feel as though someone twitched their nose and ta da, I am in the middle of the characters.  The next thing I know, I am sitting in the living room with Jon as he talks with Harrison. Ohh, they can't see me, of course, I'm in the corner, just observing. Time travel, if you will.  I know that sounds crazy, but Theo uses an amazing vocabulary detailing the scene and the events. He paints a picture with words that gives you a clear vision of the story as it unfolds.

I won't rehash the blurb too much as it accurately describes what is going to transpire in the story. I want to tell you what I don't think you will get from ONLY reading the blurb. The story basically revolves around two people, Jon and Harrison. Jon, a teacher, recently moved out to the countryside, hoping, just maybe, it would light a spark with his own writing. Harrison, a famous author in his own right, has turned into a recluse, now that he is a wolf shifter. He suffers from major depression due to not having any control over his actions. They meet for no other reason than Jon's inquisitive mind and nosiness. It's not long before Jon learns of Harrison's well-kept secret when he hears a wolf howling one night and he and his best friend Suzi go to investigate. Not knowing how to leave well enough alone, Jon hangs around, and since Harrison has no control over the Wolf, he shifts in front of him.

It's hard to describe a story
and not give spoilers, but I'm trying real hard not to do that. This is where, normally, a shifter story would have them mating due to such strong pheromones, they would have wild crazy sex, and you know how it goes from there. This, however, is where Theo outsmarts, outplays, outwits, his cohorts. You won't see that scene play out here. You won't need to. Why? because this author writes with such amazing details and descriptions, that if you have any imagination, you will vision what is transpiring. His vocabulary is like no other when he sets a scene, describes a smell, paints a picture from his words. His characters have sex, they have a connection, they have chemistry, they have passion and fire. Its's all in his description he has now planted in your mind. It may be off page, but you know what they are doing, how they feel. I don't ever feel as though I have been cheated from his stories because I didn't read a wild sex scene. It's all in the look, the touch, the smell, that Theo describes perfectly that moves this story along with such clarity. His prose is a testament to his time and research he invests when he puts the words down. He has an uncanny ability to make you believe that the events that transpire could actually happen. Jon has a best friend Suzi, also a teacher and confidant. She is intelligent, strong, care-free, full of life and laughter, and she was a breath of fresh air to the story. Theo always writes using strong women that have a brain and they know how to use it. She is loyal and devoted to their friendship, someone that any person would be fortunate to have in their corner.

I've heard a lot of people say they don't like shifter stories, therefore never giving one a chance to change their mind. I, myself, don't like some of them if they are really far-fetched, but I have always enjoyed the wolf shifters. Partly, I think, because stranger things have happened.....what if? I think you owe it to yourself to give this story a chance. I don't think you will be disappointed as it certainly does not follow the norm for paranormal. Wolf Bound is more about how you, a human, by misfortune and bad luck, are left with the side effects of being bitten by an animal. You certainly can't go to a doctor for treatment, you probably would end up in the psyche ward. Jon does something for Harrison that he never thought possible. He gives him hope. He gives him an opportunity to go back to the place that his nightmare began and search for answers. What does he have to lose? He feels as though his time is limited, because quite frankly, he doesn't know how much longer he can live with himself and these changes. Do yourself a favor. Buy this book, let your imagination run free, and enjoy an amazing story. Theo adds one more twist at the end that will have you holding your breath with anticipation. Right up to the very end, you will be glued to the pages.

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