Reviews on Books I Have Read

Go to Goodreads for books I have read prior to setting up this blog. I was going to download each one, but way to time extensive. Any review I have written should be located thru this link.

I guess I should mention that if you haven't figured it out by now, Tootsie and Kathy, are one in the same. I was a reviewer for Mrs. Condit and Friends and due to some past problems with other reviewers, using a pen name was the best way to stay out of controversy

I don't mind if people know they are the same. I have nothing to hide and I wouldn't write a review any differently using one name or the other. It does help, somewhat, to keep things separated and have one place for just reviews.

I am now reviewing for MM Good Reads since Becky has closed her blog. I will still continue to do reviews under the name of Tootsie. Yes, there is a story behind that name, but later on, I may tell it. :)