Precog in Peril, The Complete Series by Theo Fenraven

Precog in Peril by Theo Fenraven

I’ve been kinda bored with reading lately. Nothing seems to really grab my attention and hold it hostage as it has been known to do in the past. I read so much and have for so long, that sometimes I wonder if isn’t time to hang it up for awhile. Then I come upon a book such as Precog in Peril, The Complete Series, by Theo Fenraven and I wonder how I could even entertain the idea of hanging it up. This book was such a breath of fresh air, and it completely rejuvenated me from the stagnant cycle I was finding myself in. Precog in Peril is a fascinating story with two incredible, yet entirely different, characters. Gray and Cooper, the main characters of this story, find common ground that pulls them to each other. Eventually, they find themselves completely absorbed with one another. Theo, when telling a story, will have you enraptured with his words, his descriptions and his penchant for detail. I have a few of this author’s titles in my library, and each time I read a new one from him, I find myself more and more amazed with his ability to tell a story. I love his writing style, and the pride he exudes in his stories. Anyone can write words, fill a page. Not everyone, however, has a gift and talent to do it correctly. Theo Fenraven is a masterful storyteller that will hold you captive from start to finish.

First thing I feel I should mention is this is 3 books, sold as a complete set, There is a lot of story here with a lot of twists and turns, suspense, mystery and intrigue. The story brings together Gray and Cooper, two completely different personalities, different lifestyles, different families. But what starts out as different, turns into, two men, finding common ground, being allies, companions, friends and lovers They set out on a journey, together, on a houseboat, once owned by Gray’s grandfather, Graham, who was murdered. Gray has a gift, known as “the sight” which allows him to see visions of past, present and future. He doesn’t know that much about it, and unbeknownst to him, his grandfather also had it. One of the reasons behind this journey, he wants to find out more about his gift and how it will affect him. What does it mean to have the sight, and does he really want to know. They soon discover Cooper has a gift as well, so working together, finding answers, soon take on a new meaning and precedence to get to the bottom of this newly found information. They will meet some wonderful people on this journey, people who will help them in seeking their answers, but just as many people trying to take them down, use them for their own purpose. It will be up to Gray and Cooper to sort through who is telling the truth, and who is out to destroy them.

There are many side characters in this story making it impossible to mention them all and everything they do. What I will say is, they are all fascinating, and each one play a crucial part in the development of this story. Harper, Gray’s cousin, is absolutely hysterical. She is definitely the life of any party and her character adds a bright light in their journey. As they travel up and down the river seeking the answers and mysteries of their gifts, they go through and around many obstacles, twists and turns. There is so much adventure and excitement, mystery and suspense as the story unfolds. There were many times I found myself completely transfixed, almost afraid to breathe, as things come to the forefront. As more clues and facts are discovered, the more you hang onto every word, completely captivated. As the suspense builds, I was so intrigued at times, my heartbeat actually felt as though it increased in speed. I was so enthralled with the story line that hours passed by quickly making it seem, as though, it had been minutes. As Gray and Cooper learn more about each other, they form a bond, outside of their gift, that you hope, as the reader, will be lasting and permanent. Their sexual relationship was amazing from the beginning. They’re not together long before they experience the pleasure of each other. They have sex, in one form or another, quite frequently. What is so different, in relation to other books I have read, most of it, is off the page. However, and maybe because of, you can feel the strength of their emotions that connect them to each other. You know what they are doing or have done even though the details are minimal, It actually seems more sexy with the lack of details. I found it to be more sexually stimulating as the details were left up to my own imagination. You can feel their connection, emotionally and mentally, and the pleasure they give and have with each other. As the reader, you feel this pull, a tug and give of emotions, that keeps you entranced in their world.

This is a beautiful story of mystery and intrigue, but at its core, I feel it was still a love story. Two souls connected in more ways than one, stronger when together, When apart, they were always reaching for the other, to keep their connection strong, whether it be in heart or in mind. The author has amazing ability to keep you fully invested from one page to the next. The story is constantly moving forward, showing growth and maturity in both of the MC’s. The author makes you believe in the power of his words. His facts, whether true or not, make you believe they were true. When I read a story, I want to believe, and this author has done that on every level of this book. Where will this journey take them, will they find the answers they seek? This is an incredible story that will hold your attention, make you believe, and most of all, will make you love, love reading. As Gray and Cooper set out on their adventure, you are right beside them, rooting them on, laughing, crying and smiling every step of the way.