Offside Chance by Mercy Celeste

Mercy Celeste is a phenomenal storyteller. She can take people, situations, events and create words that allow you to vision what is going on. She can Make you feel what her characters are feeling. I am not going to go thru the events of the story because the blurb explains the general synopsis of what this book is about. If you are a Mercy Celeste fan, then you are aware that this is the third book of the Southern Scrimmage series. This, IMO, is not a stand alone. It falls in order to events that have already happened in previous books, The characters, from book 1 and 2, appear in this story as well. They not only are a huge part of this story but you also get to catch up with them and see where they are now in their life since we last read about them.
Jude and Will, the main characters of Offside Chance

, are both damaged souls. Neither having good memories of family or people staying around to give them love and support from early teenage years to the adults they are today. Both firmly believe they are straight and are surprised by this strong attraction they have for each other. They are living together at the present time because they both have experienced some misfortunes and need time to figure out where to go from this point in their life. Levi, Jude’s brother, offers his house to both of them, but forgetting that small detail, he doesn’t inform them that they won’t be alone. From the first moment they come into contact with each other, they are explosive. They soon fall into a routine of each other’s schedules and habits. Their banter between one another is fun and enlightening as they soon discover they like each other a little more than they should for two guys who believe themselves to be ladies men. They fit together so well, liking the same things, not pushing each other on subjects that are uncomfortable, not falling into gold-diggers, like some of the women in their past. When they discover that they both are having sexual feelings for each other, it doesn’t take them long to act on it. And, oh my, it is everything you would ever want between two people. The chemistry is magnetic. Their sexual escapades are off the charts. There are probably only a hand full of authors, in my library, that can truly make me feel what the characters are feeling. I can see what they are doing. They are so intense that I catch myself holding my breath, captivated by the scene that she has created. I love how the author allows them to explore this new revelation with each other without creating drama and angst. To them, they are just having some no strings attached, friends with benefits, sex while they are living together in the same house.
Will they deal with it, own up to what begins to turn into so much more. Will they be honest with each other, admit their feelings. Everyone around them can see what is happening between them. They see how their friends are happier, more now than ever, but will Jude and Will admit to it. Each one, I feel, can tell it is turning into a lot more than they ever thought possible. The only problem is, according to them, they are straight. They don’t have plans of staying around long in the city they are in. They both have plans of moving on and continuing as they have been.

I would recommend this book 100% to anyone who has started the series. I would encourage you, if you have not read any of the series, to start with the first and keep right on going. If you love m/m romance, great chemistry, laughter, super hot mind-blowing sex and some angst, not a lot, then you should love the Southern Scrimmage series. Mercy Celeste covers many areas through out the story line. Some of them were best friends turned lovers, football players who are hiding who they are because of the sport that is their passion. You have the military and how it effects your relationship, during months apart from each other, and then the heart wrenching PTSD. The author covers areas of cross dressing, changing your whole personality to be a different gender. How to love yourself, regardless, whether you wear pants or a skirt. And then, of course, gay for you. Although, I believe, they were gay they just never wanted to put it together. The author takes her characters, and you the reader, thru all of these different emotions and situations, and they and yourself come out a better person. For going thru it with them, you have a much better understanding, of their struggles and turmoil. Love is the goal for everyone. They may not know it at the time, but they will. An awesome and extraordinary book. Thank you Mercy for another exceptional read.