Walk With Me is a beautiful story to close out The Home Series Journey. This is a story of knowing who you love and standing by that, regardless to what others think or feel. Eli is only 11 years old when he first lays eyes on Seth, one of the counselors at summer camp. Even though he was young, he knew it felt right. Seth doesn’t even notice him during the summer, but Eli does not let that keep him from pursuing him. A pursuit that would take several years, in fact, to see fruition.
Skip ahead now to Seth at 27 years old. He is visiting the Rabbi who he will be assisting and while he is there, in walks Eli, the son. Introductions are made, but Seth doesn’t really remember Eli, but the same cannot be said for him. He lets Seth and his parents know that he knows exactly who he is because he has been dreaming about him for years. Imagine Seth’s surprise to hear this and even more so, to discover Eli’s parents just laugh it off. Seth is 9 years older than Eli, so not only is age a factor, Seth also is not gay. None of this matters to Eli, he knows he is meant to be with Seth, and he will not stop pursuing him until that happens.
This story develops and grows over the next 13 or so years. Eli is going to college and Seth has his new job to focus on. As time goes by, they become great friends. Eli backs off the seduction routine and just enjoys Seth for what he is, his best friend. The reader is left to wonder if this is all they will ever have. They have such a special connection to each other, that just staying friends, is not hard to imagine. C. Cardeno is, without a doubt, one of the best authors in this genre. Each book leading up to this one has been an exceptional read. She writes with such passion and grit, there is no way that you can’t fall in love with each and every one of them. The humor and funny moments just roll off their tongue and before you know it, you are laughing out loud at their banter back and forth. They soak up the pages with their joy and love for each other. The plot flows effortlessly, even though the story develops over several years, allowing the reader to follow along seamlessly. Each book can stand alone, but it is a little extra special if you have read the others as some of the older characters make an appearance.
I am so impressed with the author’s ability to take each character and show the growth of maturity that each one has developed over time. Seth soon realizes that some of the things he thought or believed, are not necessarily the way life pans out. He knows what he need to do, he just has to find the right moment. The only problem, Eli finds out some things that break his heart, and honestly, my heart was breaking with him. Can Seth fix it before it is too late? I highly recommend this story to anyone whether a new reader to C. Cardeno or a loyal follower. You do not want to miss out on a truly feel good, down to your bones, love story. There are moments where love is expressed so passionately that you are holding your breath for fear of missing something. My favorite line from the book was Eli, so overtaken by his emotions, that when he said “I want you so much” “you don’t……you can’t……..”He squeezed his eyes shut. “So much.” I could actually picture him standing there, almost broken by the weight of what was about to happen. This is storytelling in the finest capacity. Trust me when I say, don’t miss out. I am very sorry to see this series come to an end. However, I feel certain, that with C. Cardeno’s catalog and future projects, she will not leave us without something to love as much, maybe more.