Unbroken Hearts, comes to us as the sequel for Unbreak My Heart, which gave us a look into the lives of Brett and JT. Brett, who was a very damaged man, felt, as though the world, was closing in on him. He was going down a very dangerous path of heartache and despair. Drinking way too much, not caring about anyone else, especially himself. In walks JT, and all but, single handedly, turns Brett around for the better, bringing him back to life. After quite a rough patch, a lot of tears, not only from Brett and JT, but us readers as well, they get on the right track. I love you’s are exchanged and life seems to be going well.
Some things were left unanswered and other things to our imagination. Luckily for us, K-lee Klein did not leave us hanging. Unbroken Hearts, is a short story, but what it contains is a magnitude of happy, happy. If you read my favorite quote, at the top of this review, Brett explains perfectly to JT, what he means to his life. This story revolves mainly around Valentine’s Day, leaving JT with some mixed and hurt feelings. Brett, in JT’s eyes, doesn’t seem to even remember the special day. It’s his first time ever loving anyone at Valentine’s Day. He wants it to be special and has planned something for the two of them. How is JT going to react when he finds out things are not going down as he had planned? Different plans, over-riding his, may, quite possibly, throw their relationship into some troubled waters.
If JT only had a little faith in his man, he could save himself some heartache. Brett has some things of his own planned. He is such a sweetheart and you can tell he is really trying to make this relationship work. He talks to JT more, asks questions, tries to be more open and forthcoming. He knows JT still worries that he may still hold feelings for Walt. When he goes against his comfortable way of life, puts himself out in the open, will JT love him for it or leave him?
The author has created a beautiful storyline, allowing us to see more into the lives of Brett and JT. The plot moves along smoothly, and although this is not the focus, you can see how they have matured since we first met them. The transition from one book to the next flows perfectly together. There is no gaping hole with missed details. Ms. Klein weaves a thrilling tale, keeping the reader on the edge, wondering which way things will go. They certainly have no trouble with their sex life, as they seem to constantly be touching, kissing or making love. Here is a passage from one of their encounters:
Brett traced the bones of JT’s spine with the tip of his tongue, rocking harder, deeper into JT’s body. JT moaned aloud, his balls drawing up, a grenade of fire exploding in his gut, a wash of heat searing him from the inside out……and then he was coming. His breath hitched, his head thumped against the wall as his back bowed and his mind flashed white. His release splattered the wall as his cock pulsed and thrummed.
If that don’t get your heart beating an extra beat or two, nothing will. As they continue to nurture their relationship, the love they have for each other, grows exponentially. Quite a few decisions are made, some things hopefully for the better, putting JT’s mind at ease. Ray and Millie, Brett’s mom and boyfriend, also known as Brett’s foreman, make a few appearances, and it, most certainly, would not be the same without them. Millie continues to do what she does best….boss everyone. We, all, should be blessed with someone like her. She has so much love to give and she never hesitates to show it.
I feel this story gives us the closure we needed. It answered some things left unsaid from before, shows them moving forward with their lives and things they love dearly. I feel that if Ms. Klein was ever to go back and re-visit with Brett and JT, they still have many things to show us. Choices are endless for those two, so hopefully, we have not seen the last of them. If we have, I am perfectly happy and thrilled with the life they are living and the love they have for each other. The author is a remarkable storyteller that will leave you completely fulfilled and enriched with this amazing story.