The final Seduction is the third book in the Sin and Seduction Series, by Allison Cassatta, bringing full circle, the loves and lives, that are the heart of this club. In my opinion, these need to be read in order to understand the back story associated with each character. This book wraps up what has been going on with everyone since we last seen them. You will get to see how Jansen and husband, Dorian Grant, are getting along in their marriage. The trials and tribulations they still encounter due to Dorian’s unethical dealings. He finally lands himself in prison, sending Jansen into a tailspin of worry and fear. You will see how he tries to stay strong for his husband, but inside, it’s killing him. You will see into the lives of Jason and Brad, how they have settled down almost becoming your average domestic family. Brad has his daughter most of the time, causing Jason to feel, at times, the third wheel in the family. On top of that worry, Sin and Seduction, his home away from home, is in trouble of closing its doors. Jason needs to do something fast if he wants to save it, he’s just not completely sure he wants too. And, lastly, Lance, aka Golden boy. It seems he may have finally found a true companion. Will he take down his firmly built walls and let Davi, a new dancer from Portugal, into his life? More importantly into his heart? In all of the couples, sex is not the problem. They all have an active and very good sex life, but in this story, it is not the focus. Sex is included, obviously, as it is an integral part of their relationships. However, it may be the only thing right now, not causing them concern.
If you have followed along in this beautiful journey of Sin and Seduction, and the men that make the nightclub what it is, then I think you will find this latest release a salve to your soul. Allison Cassatta has built an incredible group of characters, each one different and unique, and has created a very tight knit family. For me, personally, the story of Jansen and Dorian, has always been my favorite. Dorian, a mob boss, gruff and tough, so much the alpha and Dom, turns completely teddy bear with his one true love, Jansen. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for him, give him, to make his world a better place. Imagine the devastation, they both encounter, when Dorian has been arrested, and faced with a prison sentence. Jansen’s world has just taken a nosedive into the pits of Hell. Will Dorian be able to pull strings to get himself out of this mess? Is Dorian really guilty of murder? Can Jansen stand on his own and give the support to his husband? These are all questions you will have and you will get the answers to each one and so much more. Their love is solid, even in their weakest moments, they cannot forget what they share. The author even throws in a little bonus of info at the end, leaving you smiling from ear to ear. Hopefully we have not seen the last of this dynamic couple.
Sin and Seduction, the nightclub where it all started, where true friendships were made, is in jeopardy of closing its doors, once and for all. They don’t have the customers they use too, forcing the owners to renegotiate the value in keeping it open. This is where Jansen met Dorian, where Jason met Brad, and where Lance will soon meet his love. Jason is completely devastated with the news they may close the doors for good. On top of that worry, he feels there may be trouble brewing on the home-front with Brad. He even begins to question himself and the love he always felt for Jansen, wondering if he truly is over the love he had for him. What could it possibly mean if he is still carrying a torch for his best friend? This, certainly, is not something Brad wants to consider, especially after he takes steps to move their relationship to the next level. For him, he has never been happier. His life is complete with his daughter and Jason. Will this destroy what they have built together? What will the outcome be when Jason finally decides which man has his heart? Will he be able to save the club, and if not, what will become of the dancers, where will they all go? Will anyone step in and be a hero, saving the club? Jason has a lot of soul searching to do, not only for his personal life but for his job as well.
Lance, aka Golden boy, has been struggling since we were first introduced to Sin and Seduction. He has a wall built around his heart, due to past failures, that is going to take someone very special to penetrate thru. He has built himself a nest egg, so if the club does close, he feels he will be okay for a while. Only problem is, there is a new dancer by the name of Davi, who has Lance doing some second guessing of his life and choices. He is completely intrigued by him and it appears to be mutual. Lance worries whether he can commit to someone, and if he does, can he afford to keep them both under roof, should the club close. Davi is a force to be reckoned with. He has his sights set on Lance and he will not take no for an answer. He will continue to convince Lance that he is the right choice for him, breaking down his walls, brick by brick.
I truly enjoyed this latest release, catching up with the guys, seeing them in a different atmosphere away from the club. The author does an incredible job moving forward with the story line, giving you more depth into the lives of each couple. You have no problem seeing the growth and maturity these characters have taken as they each try to build their personal life outside the home they have only known. The plot flows smoothly, transitioning from one couple to the next. They all have Sin and Seduction in common as it is the place that brought them all together. Each of the characters need to feel as though they still have this foundation to keep them grounded. In the core of their soul, they are dancers, and it is crucial to their well-being, they keep their stage.
If you haven’t read any of this series, pick it up, don’t wait, it is soooooo good. If you just need the latest release, I can’t recommend enough that not reading this, is doing an injustice to yourself. Allison Cassatta has graciously blessed us with an incredible series and I feel it would be a disservice not to pass it on to others. Meet these incredibly sexy, sometimes shy, always dynamic, men who make up the flashing lights of Sin and Seduction. Plant yourself in one of the booths and enjoy a most excellent show. You will enjoy the journey she takes you, and the guys will leave their signature on your heart for years to come.