Want a fun and enjoyable read? That’s what you will get with Anne Tenino’s newest release in the Theta Alpha Gamma series, Poster Boy. For those of you not familiar with the series, this is the fifth book, in the line-up. I don’t think it is mandatory that you read every book, in the series, to get the full enjoyment of this one. However, there is an incredible back story that leads up to this one, with lots of details and events that you would be missing out on. There are past characters that make an appearance, more than once, in Poster Boy, which IMO, add much enjoyment to this story. The author done an amazing job with the timeline, merging this release into the ongoing plot, never missing a beat, giving you a smooth transition.
The story opens up with the guys at a party, which is very appropriate considering these are college boys in a fraternity, with Toby and Sebastian, in the kitchen, mainly observing. Toby is supposed to be working on his thesis, but he can’t seem to get in the groove to get anything accomplished. He feels a little left out since it seems all of his friends are now in relationships, even Collin, who he had a “friends with benefits” relationship. Things are about to change though since Tank’s little brother, Jock, has now joined the fraternity. Everyone knows Jock is gay since he was kicked off his college hockey team, for that very reason, and came to TAG.
Toby, sex extraordinaire, needs to get his life together. He has no motivation to finish his thesis for his Master’s, he’s going to have to ask his parents for more money in order to stay and finish, if he doesn’t get kicked out first. An opportunity opens up for him to supervise some of the TAG boys on a trip to France. This will be perfect for him as it gives him a roof over his head, food, and some extra time to complete his school project. After a one-night stand with Jock, he feels even worse, when Jock pays him no attention. This trip could not come at a better time. What will happen when he finds out Jock is coming also? The one person he was trying to put some distance between, will be in close surroundings with him, for three months.
Poor Jock, he’s had a rough time lately. He got kicked off his hockey team after he was ousted by a video on-line showing him in an awkward situation with another guy, on his knees. If that wasn’t bad enough, his brother Tank, has broken confidentiality, and told all of the TAG members. Just when things were starting to quiet down, the video reappears and everyone at his new fraternity, has now seen, as well. Sounds like the perfect time to take a school trip to France for a few months, hopefully, when he gets back, everyone will have forgotten or, at least, moved to a new topic. There is just one problem – Toby. Jock knows that Toby has experience when it comes to sex. Something that Jock has very little of, and quite frankly, he is scared to death that Toby will want him to bottom. So to avoid the issue, he avoids Toby. Once the trip gets underway, Toby and Jock, can’t stay away from each other. They are good together as long as Jock can keep taking the lead. The rest of the group, on the trip, adds much excitement, as well. They are a great bunch of guys who get into a little mischief, pulling Toby in with them. What will happen if Toby gets kicked out of school? What about the other guys in the group? It is a very entertaining three months, with lots of hanky-panky, a few surprises that you will not expect, new friendships and close bonds are formed
This is a long story, with many different situations and new developments, always occurring. The author moved the plot forward showing much character growth and maturity. The story never felt weighed down, due to the length. I prefer the longer books as they allow you time to get to know your cast of characters, become part of them, without skipping relevant pieces, and continues to move ahead. Ms. Tenino has done all of those things and more. You will find yourself very invested with the guys and the shenanigans they get themselves into, and before you know it, you are approaching the end. This story has many amazing side characters that kept the story very interesting and funny. There will be surprises that you don’t expect and I think the author has left the storyline open enough that if more books were to follow, there will be many different and interesting characters to pick from. If you have not read the TAG series, I would recommend it to anyone who likes to laugh, loves humor, likes a little mystery and suspense, and loves college age boys getting into mischief. Above all, there are some amazing relationships built with the Theta Alpha Gamma boys.