Love Lessons Learned, by KC Wells, is  a continuation of the Learning to Love series. I don’t think it is necessary to have read the previous books in order to enjoy this one, but the characters do pop in quite frequently. John Wainwright is at the center of this story. He, also, is the brother of Evan from Learning to Love, Evan and Daniel. He manages to land his first teaching job, and comes out to his brother all at the same time. He has known for a while he was gay, he just never acknowledged it. He gets caught red-handed at a bar one evening by his brother so he feels it is time to come clean. Put the brakes on though………with his new job just starting, there is NO way he is going to reveal that information to anyone. His brother wants him to go out and live it up, but John fears there may be repercussions at the school. He’s waited this long, going a little longer will not kill him. Of course, all of that changes when he actually gets to the school, and discovers the head teacher is actually pretty hot. He is positive his new mentor is straight so, hopefully, he can keep his libido under control.
Brett Sanderson, head teacher, single, lonely and gay. He keeps himself tightly sealed in the closet during the school term. Every break or vacation, he heads off to Brighton, a gay community, where he becomes Rob. He realizes this lifestyle is no longer the fun it once was. He has been going there for 7 years, maybe it’s time to settle down, find someone he can come home to. The new, younger, sexy teacher, has pinged his radar. He really enjoys spending time with him, he’s smart and funny, and they have so much fun together. Once he finds out that John is also gay, all bets are off. One kiss leads to wanting more, which leads to taking chances. John seems game in the pursuit, but what happens when Brett takes the ball and runs with it? He doesn’t know John is a virgin. A wrong move may stop their relationship before it even starts. Will he get ahead of himself, and move their infatuation backwards instead of forward?
This is an engaging story with a trifle amount of angst. You may find yourself holding your breath for a few short minutes. What little there is, gets resolved quickly. The author has written a feel good story, where everyone is supportive and helpful, regardless of the situation you may be in. The side characters which happen to be John’s roommates are all exciting, down to earth, people. They are there for John in whatever capacity he needs them, whether it be a shoulder to cry on, just asking for advice, or ready to put a smack down on someone. They add much laughter and excitement to the story. If you are familiar with the Learning to Love cast, you will be able to catch up with their news as well. My one complaint, and it may only be me this bothers, but the description of John in the book is nothing like what is on the front cover. This, of course, doesn’t deter you from the story, but I always find myself going back, looking at the covers, seeing what the guys look like. I may do this several times as I read different passages. I love to study their faces, then visualize them in the story. What I did find, was a storyline with a beautiful simplicity that flowed smoothly. Within that simplicity are some very extraordinary, complex characters that have a lot of love to offer. Hopefully, overtime, and more novels, each one of the guys will find their happy ever after.