Mary Calmes and Cardeno C are like peas and carrots. They go together splendidly, and what a tasty treat. They both are extremely talented authors on their own, so I knew it was going to be something incredible when I learned of them coming together to write Control. They each have their own writing style, which is to be expected, but putting them together, just clicked. Loving both authors, as I do, and reading almost everything they bless us with, you pick up on signature traits that are privy only to them. One of the reasons you continue to go back time after time, and read works by that author, is quite simple, you like their style, and you connect with them. Control is no exception, the plot flowed seamlessly, with no gaps or breaks. No confusion that spoke of one author over the other. That’s how it should be, completely transfixed, by the authors words and vision. This story is amazing and beautifully told outlining how love is from the heart, regardless of destiny or fate. If you open your mind, you will see YOU control your future, your heart, not pheromones, instincts, or a gut feeling. One man, Vy, a hawk shifter, has a hard time grasping that concept. It’s been engraved in his soul, a mate will complete him, be his other half. Vy is being led by lust, need, and hunger. His animal cravings are taking over all his abilities. Regardless to what he finds, he must find his mate, NOW. What happens when his mate, Robert, a bear shifter, doesn’t believe in the mating process? He won’t even shift, which is hard for Vy to even wrap his mind around, the why’s and why not’s, of that behavior. Robert, however, has his own reason for not shifting. Will he share that secret or shame with Vy? Can Vy convince him shifting is as natural as breathing?
Robert and Vy have some compromising to do. They must learn to trust in one another, rely on the others abilities. When they do this, everything else will find its place. Each one likes to control the situation and environment they are surrounded in. Robert has worked many years, mastering his control. He does not feel this makes him weak, as a matter of fact, he feels it shows his strength. To master one’s human and animal self, takes great concentration and dedication. Something he takes great pride in accomplishing. Out in the public eye, Vy takes control, that’s all he knows. That is what is expected of him. He is the leader, after all, of his hawk kettle. Will he be able to turn that over to Robert? In the bedroom, control never seems to be an issue. It appears that instinct just takes over in this setting. Sex between the two happens quickly. They have an immediate attraction. According to Vy, this is due to the mating pheromones, but pheromones or not, they have an undeniable chemistry that is HOT. They know what they want and they don’t hold back from getting it. Whether it is from human emotions or animal instinct, they are explosive together.
Control has an amazing cast of side characters, each one stepping up to the plate when needed. They are supporting and add another level of laughter and humor to the story. Not all come around as quickly as others, but the authors do an amazing job of showing character growth, not only with the MC ‘s but with friends and family, as well. Some will have to learn the hard way, which will add a little angst to the story, causing both Robert and Vy to do things they normally would not. You will be pulled by every emotion as you travel this journey with them. But what a journey it is, and I can only hope, it will not end here.
If you love shifter stories, you will love this. If you haven’t tried one yet, what better place than right here. You could not ask for two better authors to join together, and create a world where, love and commitment, is constantly strived for. Where peace among your peers are held in the highest regard. Where you thrive to keep control your ultimate goal. Whether that control is amongst your people or control in the bedroom, it does not matter. Together they will be unstoppable. You may find that when your heart is involved, control just comes naturally, to the one wielding it, and the one giving it up. Pick your copy up today, read it today, you will be so glad you did.