Forgive Us, by Lynn Kelling, is the third book in her Deliver Us series. This novel will shine the light on characters we already know and love from previous stories. You will meet characters that, hopefully, will be familiar to you from the Society of Masters that we were introduced to in Jack L. Pyke’s novel, Don’t. Lynn Kelling and Jack L Pyke have joined forces together and will intertwine the two worlds together. Ms. Kelling has brought Jack, Jan, and Gray, in Don’t, and merged them into her storyline, and it is brilliant. By bringing these two worlds together, thru the leadership and guidance of the Master’s Circle, we will begin to understand the power that these people hold. In this shared world, where BDSM has brought everyone together, we are given insight into the lives of Micah and Trace, what kind of relationship they have and why. Gabriel and Darrek continue to put their nightmare behind them as they find more answers. Ben and Kyle have only grown stronger together, and their love lifts off the page. Ms. Kelling has artistically crafted a novel using players from a different series, a different author, and brought them to join forces with the characters from her own, and they mesh perfectly. With such amazing clarity, she has made it feel, as though, they have always been a part of this series.
There are a lot of twists and turns in this novel. Many revelations are revealed, along with past transgressions mended. Trace, the one person they all seem to look up to and hold in a different category than the others, is falling apart. He has many secrets he has not shared with anyone, and it is taking a toll on him. Micah, who Trace loves more than anything, doesn’t even know the past that he has been running from, for years. Trace thinks he is protecting them all by keeping his past mistakes to himself. What he didn’t realize at the time he was making these decisions to keep everyone out, your past always comes back to haunt you. He has been running from his for quite some time, but it appears his time may have run out. Will he be able to protect the people he refers to as his own kids, now that his past is soon to become his present? He may have to call in some favors if he wants to have a future. When his past meets up with his present, will he lose everything and everyone he has protected, all these years? Will Micah stand with him or turn away as all of Trace’s other lovers have done? Trace never had a family so he built his own. With Gabriel, Ben, Micah, and even Liliana, Micah’s wife, and later adding to the family came Darrek and Kyle. These are the people he would do anything for, has done things for, under the window-dressing of protection, safety, and love. His biggest fear is losing these people who have come to mean more than his own life. It’s time for confessional, and he is hoping the truth will set him free. Will he be able to save himself and the people he loves?
If you had questions lingering from the previous books, more than likely, you will get your answers here. There will be moments when you sit back and say “aww” now I understand. There will also be moments when you sit and cry as their story unfolds and you finally get the facts that we were missing. The heartache these characters go thru will have your own heart feeling the pressure and the squeeze of their tribulations. Lynn Kelling has impressively brought these characters full circle with love, compassion, and most of all, respect for one another. They all look out for each other, as well as, rely on each other for strength and wisdom. The creativity and the complexity she has intricately weaved will amaze you. This is not all doom and gloom. There are many great and funny moments, and you will catch yourself laughing out loud at some of their antics. For example, this struck me so funny when Kyle, who pushes Ben to his limit more often than not, had one of his moments where he likes to defy Ben’s commands. “Fine.” Kyle says. “I’m gonna go get ready. Then I’ll go play by myself in the garage. Junior can keep me company.” “I’m not letting you masturbate in front of the cat!” Ben hollers after him as he goes upstairs. “You’ll scar him for life! He’s still a kitten, you know!” This is just one of many lines that the author will have you laughing and smiling from ear to ear. The description and detail that she goes into will not only have you visioning the scene but will have you feeling it as well. Your emotions will be on a roller coaster as details are made known. This is a story of mystery and intrigue, suspense and drama, but at its core, it’s about love. A deep and binding love that has made each character into a stronger, more independent person, than what they started out being, when by themselves. The growth and maturity is clearly outlined and shows strength where once had been weakness. I highly recommend this series, along with Jack Pyke’s Don’t series. These are not stand alone books, it is necessary to start at the beginning so that you have a complete understanding of not only their trials but their triumphs. Not only will you have goose bumps as they delve into the world of pain and pleasure, you will also gain a new respect for the world they live in. I admire Lynn Kelling and congratulate her for her masterful storytelling.