Spotlight and Interview with Baltsaros, Tom, and Jon...


 Interview with Tom, Jon, and Baltsaros from Baal’s Heart…

Welcome, everybody – For those of you who don’t know me, my name is KathyMac and I have the fun job of reading and reviewing some amazing books for MM Good Book Reviews. Join me as I sit down to talk with Tom, Jon, and Captain Baltsaros from Baal’s Heart Trilogy, by Bey Deckard.

I had the pleasure of asking these guys some questions that I’ve always wanted to know and hope other readers find just as much enjoyment and value to their answers as I did.

Ahoy Gentleman, thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and talk with me. I know you are really busy getting everything together for your next journey. Hopefully, while you are here the rest of the crew are swabbing the deck and making sure the sails are in good shape.

I’ve got some drinks and a little grub here if you are thirsty or hungry. I know you fellas like your rum so I hope this will be fine.   

I have some veggies here, as well, I know you like your root vegetables. Help yourself to everything.

Good, everyone has a drink so have a seat and let’s get started. I thought we would talk a little about your last voyage, The Devil’s Isles, and where you plan to go from there. I know some things will be a little painful to revisitbut I’m hoping it will give us, the readers, and fans a bit more insight on what you three experienced.

Me - Tom – You’ve always been the Captain’s “Tomcat” but how mad were you when Baltsaros and Jon found you and wanted you to come back to the Heart? Or, secretly, were you thrilled?

 Tom: Well who the fuck told you I was his tomcat? *scowls and glances over at Jon*

Jon: *laughs* Wasn’t me. I swear.

Baltsaros: Just answer the question, Tom.

Tom: *lets out a small, annoyed sound and sits back in his chair* I wasbloodypissedashells, if ye want thegodsdamned truth.

 Jon: But you were happy too…

 Tom: *rubs his face before answering* I’m here, ain’t I? *shrugs*


2.Me - Jon – Were you worried that Tom wouldn’t come back? He did seem like he was making you sweat a little, aye.

 Jon: He’s a pigheaded ass.

 Tom: *laughs*

 Jon: But yeah, I was worried that he wasn’t going to show up. I kept going back to shore to see if I could find him and convince him to come with us.

 Tom: Ye did?

 Jon: A few times. I thought you might have decided to take off.

 Tom: *looks down at his hands with a frown* Aw, Jonny-boy…Ye know I was gonna come back. How could I not?

 Jon: *smiles* Well, I’m just glad you did.

 Baltsaros: We both are.


3.Me - Anyone – At first, jealousy, was a big issue between the three of you. Do you still have moments where you see green, and not from seasickness, I know you mates are no weaklings, arr. Or, is that behind you now?

 Jon: I’d like to think that it’s behind us… but, I just don’t know. I’m far and away the least experienced and, honestly, it had never even occurred to me that something like our relationship could even exist.

 Tom: *snickers*

 Baltsaros: I think moments of jealousy are small things to pay for the balance we’ve found in our triad.

 Jon: Agreed. So… I guess that’s sort of a non-answer but probably the best we can come up with.


Me - Tom and Jon - I know the Captain is sitting here but surely you have thought about this. Do you think his days of lying are over? Do you both trust him 100% now?

*Tom and Jon share a look*

Baltsaros: *laughs* It’s ok. Go ahead.

Jon: Lying to us? I’d like to think that’s over. Lying to others… well, they’re fair game. And trust? Yes. I trust him.

 Tom: Aye. Da’s a right bastard, but he’s got my trust. *grins at the captain andBaltsaros smiles back*


 5.Me - Jon- When you first saw the spires at the Devil’s Isles, did you think you were on a fool’s mission… Blimey, I thought you were doomed to the pits of hell.

Jon: Honestly, I had no idea what to think. I’ve never seen anything like it. A fool’s mission? I thought it was a bit crazy, yes, but knowing now what I didn’t then… *shrugs* Well… I don’t know how to answer that.

6.Me - Anyone – Would you ever make that voyage again if the opportunity called for it?

Tom: Back to Balor? Aye. Jarrod’s a good mate, and I’d like another taste of that plum wine his wife makes.

Baltsaros: It would be interesting to see how the city has fared in the aftermath of the rebellion, and whether other golden cities have fallen as a result of what happened there. Since we’re planning on maintaining trade, we’ll have regular news… though yes, I think I’d like to travel west again one day.


7.Me – Captain, I’m so happy you were able to join the lads today. I was really worried about you at the end of Sacrificed. Thank goodness Tom and Jon pulled off an amazing rescue. Are you feeling better and getting back to your old self?

Baltsaros: I’m better, thank you for asking. How much better remains to be seen, however.


8.Me - Captain, again if you will– …speaking of Jon – He has certainly matured onboard the Heart and has taken on some really big responsibilities. How proud of him are you now?

 Baltsaros: *looks over at Jon with a fond smile* Very proud. I don’t know if I could adequately describe how I’ve felt watching him come out of his shell to become the ravishing, confident creature he is today.

 Jon: *blushes*


9.Tom - How much fun was it when you were “cough, motivating, cough” Jon to learn the languages? Your techniques of persuasion were definitely a HOT moment in the book?

Tom: *laughs and slaps his knee* Ye heard of that?Oh lords that was one of my better bloody notions, aye? Jon ain’t got an ear for learnin’ tongues, that’s for fuckin’ sure… made the “motivation” all the more bloody fun I’d say.

Jon: Ugh… why do we have to talk about this? *turns a darker shade*


10.Me - Tom – The Cap’n *eyeballs the Captain* has put you in several hard situations. When he put the collar back on you, did you understand why? Bloody hells Tom, I think I would’ve gutted him. *scoots a little farther fromBaltsaros*

Tom: I had to wear the bloody collar because it was my bloody duty to do it, lovey. Despite the fact that Da n’ I share spit n’ cum, I’m still the first mate, aye? Needed to wear it to get into Balor… made me almost bloody sick to wear it, and he knew it. But what else could’a been done? *laughs and winks* ‘Sides… things have changed since.

Me - “Well that is good to hear” let’s move along shall we *wipes brow*

11.Me - Anyone – Do you think Katherine will ever sail with you again or is she happy on land with her lady?

Jon: Yes! She’s coming along with us as soon as we set off this afternoon. Turns out she’s a crappy farmer. Her and Maya also argue constantly… I don’t know how they stand it. I think the break will be good for both of them. It’ll be nice to have her aboard again.

Me – Oh that is great news. I love Katherine, she is a spitfire. *waggles eyebrows*


12.Me - Anyone – Asking about Katherine brings me to ask about Ceara. She tries to come across as confidant and strong, but I don’t know if I trust her yet. How do you all feel about her and do you think she will be loyal and trustworthy?

Baltsaros: Ceara craves power, but I believe I’ve put her in a position where she will be loyal.

Jon: *harsh laugh* I’ll believe it when I see it.


13.Me - Jon – Shiver me timbers, you gave us quite a thrill when we learned of your ability to mimic everyone you have encountered. You, also, have the gift of sight. Have you seen any visions that you can share with us about your future?

Jon: *pales* Vision of sight? I… I don’t think so. I don’t know.

Me – Oh god, let me get you another drink

Tom: *scowling* He ain’t got nothin’ of the bloody sort, lovey, and dont’cha be fillin’ his head with that rubbish.

Me – Okaaaaay, let’s keeping moving along. *moves over so back is against the wall*


14.Me - Jon –  *watches Tom from the corner of my eye* You have proven over and over that you are not a fuckin’ wilting flower. Are you ready to take on the responsibilities of the Captain? Are you the least bit concerned that the crew will not listen to ya?

Jon: *still looking shaken from the last question* What? Oh, they listened to me well enough for the trip back to Madierus. We had a few mishaps here and there, but I think I did ok.

Tom: Ye did fine, love. Ye did bloody fine. *smiles and reaches over to squeeze Jon’s knee, and Jon grins back, colour returning to his face*

Me – *grins*


15.Me - Last question to the Captain – Are you prepared to sit back and hand the sails over to Jon or should we start calling him Captain Black?

Baltsaros: The Heart is my ship, and as long as I am fit to captain her, I will. However, we have promoted Jon to the position of quartermaster. He’s proven himself over and over—having him act as countermeasure to my orders will greatly benefit us all, I believe. Especially should my mental acuity start to fail once more…

Me – Well, I feel certain I speak for all of us and hope that never happens. You sure are looking mighty fine today*blushes*

Okay Gentleman,

Before you get back to the boat I was wondering if you would be willing to play a short game with me. It’s just for fun and it gives a little more insight for us, your fans, of what you like.

It’s called Think Fast – Anyone of ya can answer. Here we go…..

Rum or beer?                                  

Tom and Baltsaros: Rum

Jon: Beer!

Cat O’Nine tails or rope?

Tom: Cat

Jon and Baltsaros: Rope                                                                 

Noose or plank?                                                                                                 

Tom: *doesn’t answer just laughs*

Jon: Um. Plank?

Baltsaros: Definitely plank. Hangings are inconvenient.

Gun or knife?

Jon: Gun

Baltsaros and Tom: Knife.

Top or bottom?

Baltsaros: Top

Tom: *snickering* Bottom.

Jon: Um. Both? Can I say both?

Tom: Seein’ as ye do both at the same time, I’d say that’s a fair answer.

Hunky or chunky (men)?

Jon: I have no idea what that means.

Baltsaros: Ah… hunky? I suppose?

Tom: Jon and Da.

Quickie or candles?                                          

Tom: *looks confused* We burn candles all the bloody time.

Jon: I think she means whether you want um… a “quickie” or something more romantic? Right?

Baltsaros: Yes, I don’t know how this question applies to us. It really depends on what the situation is.

Tom: Aye… Sometimes I like a quick suck n’ fuck, but if it happens at night, ye can be sure there are candles.

Jon: Don’t focus on the fact that she said “candles”. Anyway – we’ve talked about this sort of thing. You know what… let’s skip to the next.

Good idea Jon…

Bed or floor?

Jon and Baltsaros: Bed.

Tom: Floor.

Jon: *laughing* What, really?

Tom: *moves his hand further up Jon’s leg, making him blush a little* Aye… ye remember when Da had ye tied up, and he gave me a good ploughin’ in front of ye for punishment? *chuckles and his blue-green eyes get a little darker*

Jon: *laughing* Hush.

Baltsaros: Are you saying you’d like to revisit that, Tom? I’m sure we could arrange it…

Jon: *his laugh this time is nervous* Enough, ok? Please?

Baltsaros: *grinning wide* As you say, Jon. We should be going, anyway. I want to supervise the last of the preparations before we set sail.

Mates, Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I had a blast and I hope you three did also. Godspeed to you all on your next voyage.

Baltsaros: It was a pleasure, my dear. Thank you.

Jon: Yeah, thanks. Sorry if we messed up some of the questions.

Tom: Bunch o’ bloody odd questions if ye ask me. *laughs* But, aye, was mighty nice for ye to have us, lovey. Thanks for the grub and drinks!

Me – Good luck Gentleman *waves*-  *shuts the door*, whew *rubs both hands over face* now where is that rum?


I had so much fun doing this interview and I hope you guys enjoyed it, as well. Now, I’ve got to get back to Fated: Blood and Redemption. I can’t wait to see what the fella’s did when they left here. Thanks for stopping by!