About Me

I was injured a few years ago forcing me to leave my job and stay at home. After several surgeries, I was no longer able to do the things I had done before. Staying home, all the time, is not the greatest thing ever, especially when you are confined within four walls. 

Everyone kept saying "you should get a hobby, you should do this, do that" One day, I picked up a book and I haven't stopped. That was 5 years ago and now here I am. 

I love reading, and I love sharing with others the great books and authors I have found.  The reviews are my personal opinions, my honest and heart-felt thoughts and yeah. . .they're long winded—I can't write a short review and believe me, I've tried. 

I'm also a dedicated and 100% committed dog cuddler, teaser maker, and coffee addict. I am completely obsessed with all these things—I make no apologies. 


I hope you enjoy your visit and hopefully, you will find something you like, too.